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I forgot a word in the title, mods.

Source: MNet Official 1, 2

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The collab I thought only possible in dreams is here! Sizzla+Skull= TUUUUUUUUUNE Jah Bless.

CLC 씨엘씨 (Official YouTube Channel)

Concept is cute, sounds very apink-y.
Apparently Eunbin said she would shave her head if they got #1 (idk if its a joke, i hope)
10:39 pm - 05/26/2016

Okay then.

Makes sense, they're been doing those message teaser thingies for weeks now, right?


Monsta X Subs

My Wonwon feels
Also, Minhyuk is a pos funny fella
I cried real tears

1. [Fly ft. (with a fabolous intro)]

2. [Falling Crazy in Love]

3. [Love Me the Same]
4. [Golden Sky]
5. [Big Mini World]

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i am bitter about there being no dear diary in english why jess

SM Entertainment & Jongro Academy are setting up a 'KPOP International School' in Gangnam, Seoul, and will be enrolling new students next year. ‘KPOP International School’ is a middle and high school education process and will enrol foreign students and local students to teach practical skills such as Applied Music, Dance, Stage Design, etc. and school subjects like Korean, English, Mathematics, etc. together.

SM & Jongro Academy revealed on the 26th, “The interest and popularity of KPOP is increasing worldwide, and during this time where Hallyu culture a competitive industry of the nation, we will be establishing a tentatively named ‘KPOP International School’ in order to foster global culture talents. Both parties are planning to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on the morning of the 27th for the establishment of the school.

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source: hamsoonie via naver

can't wait to see all the white people applying for this school

1theK (원더케이)

its good but idk who dis truedy is, she done messed up. that "rap" was so unnecessary. ailee slayed as per usual
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