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Source: btobmelodyhk backup

Do you wish you were Sungjae rn?

Source: GOT7 Japan Official YouTube Channel

Okay well idc what y'all think I personally am really starting to like the aesthetic and sound they have in Japan but I just can't with that name, why

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SOURCES: @haroobomkum @krungy21 @WeLoveBom @chaelinCL newharoobompark (1 + 2)

A celebration post! Favorite moments?

full performance of black widow!Collapse )


Monster X, who came back with their first full-length album 'THE CLAN pt.2.5 BEAUTIFUL' which is the last part of 'THE CLAN' series, talked about great love for their fans and thankfullness.
Before performing on Mnet 'M Countdown' stage on the 23rd, Monsta X, who met up with DongA.com, expressed their feelings, "Our hearts are fluttering and we are worried as well",about this activity.
More incl. plans for tour, repackage and music shows...Collapse )

Source: Donga, Trans by BlueMoonRiver

Send health packages, monbebes, it's gonna be a tough year...

source: 1theK YouTube
Not to be a dramatic stan, but ... this is so gorgeous, her voice is so so beautiful, I just 😭😭😭 💖💖💖

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I'm tempted to buy this

Biblee essence station 1, 2, 3

source: @TEEN_TOP


Boy group SNUPER are are making it big in Japan!

On March 22, Widmay Entertainment announced that SNUPER’s second Japanese track “Oh Yeah” has climbed to the top spot of Tower Records’ singles chart. After beginning their promotions in Japan, SNUPER is on the rise with their refreshing new song fit for springtime.

Read more...Collapse )

sources: soompi, chosun

congrats bbies!!!
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