They performed “Twinkle”, “Baby Steps”, and “Love Sick” in plaid outfits. For the final stage, the three ladies changed into zebra-print outfits to perform “Holler”, showing off an exciting stage with new choreography for the fans in attendance. In total, the trio performed five of the six songs from the “Holler” mini-album: “Adrenaline”, “Only U”, “Stay”, “Whisper”, and “Holler”. A special behind-the-scenes video of the album photoshoot and music video shooting was also revealed to fans during the showcase.
First comeback stage is on September 18th on Mnet’s “M! Countdown”, where the ladies will perform “Adrenaline” and “Holler”.
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really hoping for fancams!!! and wow i want to be that sofa
More interviews have been coming out lately, and Jaekyung shares her thoughts on topics like hobbies, antis, and winning 1st place.

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Sources: enews24, OhMyNews
Translation by Visualglow: 1, 2

I genuinely admire her optimism and positivity, even while it's tinged with poignancy.

There are less than three months left until actor Yoo Seung Ho finishes his mandatory military service. And he has been an exemplary soldier. He enlisted earlier than most k-drama actors, signing up when he was only 19. He chose active duty at a time when there was still the option of working with the now-defunct Defense Media Agency. In that department celebrities could serve in various public relations capacities and received some special benefits. But Yoo Seung Ho did not want any special treatment. He got good grades during his basic training and served as an instructor in the department that trains recruits.

But now that his service is about to end, he is already considering what his future acting projects will be.

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source: kdramastars

i actually wonder if he still wants to be a celebrity but w/e

Choi Jin Hyuk is currently considering a role in MBC′s new drama Pride and Prejudice.

On September 16, Choi Jin Hyuk′s agency, Red Brick House, told Newsen, "Choi Jin Hyuk recently received the offer to appear in Pride and Prejudice and is positively considering it." The agency added, "His participation has not been confirmed yet."

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source: mwave

We Got Married Global Edition will stop production with the second season being its last.

MBC′s We Got Married Global Edition will be no more.

On September 16, an MBC affiliate told Newsen, "With season 2 of We Got Married Global Edition as its last, production will stop for now. Production for further seasons will not happen."

Yoo Ho Chul PD, who has led We Got Married Global Edition, will have a new start. He is currently preparing for Hello Stranger, a Chuseok pilot program that aired on September 8 that is now fixed. The first filming will take place in early October.

Airing on MBC every1, We Got Married Global Edition captured the onscreen marriages of Taecyeon-Gui Gui, Lee Hong Gi-Fujii Mina, Heechul-Puff Kuo, and Key-Arisa Yagi couples, receiving much love from fans in Korea and overseas.
source: mwave

Lee Joon Gi shared his thoughts on dating and marriage.

On September 15, Lee Joon Gi met with reporters in a restaurant in Gangnam-gu and answered questions about dating and marriage.

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source: mwave

oppa you should marry when you're ready and age has nothing to do with it

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10:22 pm - 09/16/2014

N*White - Hello boy MV


Although she is still promoting “I Swear” with her fellow members, SISTAR member Soyu hinted at a solo comeback through her group’s official Twitter account.

On September 16, the official SISTAR twitter account shared a teaser photo and wrote, “[Soyu] Some 2~~???? An exciting song suited for Autumn will be released on September 26!! Please wait for it.”

In the teaser photo, Soyu poses with a colorful background filled with drawings, including cartoon tails and ears. The words “Who Is Next” offer a hint to what the title of the song may be.

Earlier this year, Soyu collaborated with Junggigo for the chart topping hit, “Some.”

cr: soompi

this is truly her year! so happy for her!!

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