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Hold you

Love the background chanting part!! XD

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Pann: Anybody has erotic thoughts of your bias?

1. [+131, -29] When I see my bias going shirtless or shaking his pelvis, I only think he's sexy and that's it. Do people actually masturbate while thinking about their bias? So dirty...

2. [+93, -11] This is so crazy. I pity the celebrities.

3. [+57, -62] I thought I was the only one. I especially have erotic thoughts when they do sexy dance. Sorry, my bias...

4. [+46, -29] And yet you bitches say Black Nut's lyrics are shameful

5. [+40, -2] Idols earn money by provoking people's dating fantasy. Their dances and behavior are all aiming for that. This is the reason why so many idols shake their waists.

6. [+26, -1] How can you masturbate while watching an idol? Can you masturbate by only watching their legs? You can't see anything. Just how horny are you to masturbate to an idol ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+24, -7] Hul... I even hate fanfics. I honestly find it gross to ship men ㅋㅋ

8. [+23, -0] After reading the comments, I realized that I'm crazy

9. [+21, -41] I imagine how they'll be in bed. "My bias will do this and that, this member could be the best one..."

10. [+19, -5] You people think it's crazy but R-rated fanfics have more than thousands of downloads and there are so many comments asking to share ㅋㅋ Stop pretending like you're from Chosun era.

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this is the laziest airport post i've ever done i am so sorry

the music video and digital release will be at midnight kst on august 3rd. the physical release will be later in the day. their first comeback stage will be on august 7th via "music bank". oh, and a small snippet preview of "savior" will be released at around 8pm kst today on their official website.

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Well, I really like this one! Even if it's only for a few seconds of a 20 second song preview, I'll take whatever opportunities I can get to hear Onew's voice.
5:04 pm - 08/01/2015

pink monster birthday post

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snsd round up

While covering Girls’ Generation’s recent lip-syncing controversy, KBS News reported on SM Entertainment‘s penchant for lip-syncing during live performances, featuring EXO in particular.

Girls’ Generation has been recently criticized for their alleged lip-sync performance despite their status as 9th year veterans in the K-pop industry. While covering this issue on its news program, KBS has brought up other artists in SM Entertainment who have also been accused of lip-syncing. They went on to show that SM Entertainment’s artists have a habit of lip-syncing performances despite the disappointment fans have expressed in the past. Among other groups, EXO was featured showing their controversy last year that disappointed many fans.

Originally posted on Pann, EXO-Ls and fans gather to discuss the recent episode of KBS News.

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“EXO Who Were Featured on KBS News!!!!!!!!”

Translation: “Group EXO, most of their performances in their concert were ‘lip-synced.'”

Translation: “Out of 31 songs, there were only 7 live stages.”

Translation: “LAR (LIVE AR): even the breathing is recorded so artists don’t have to sing anything”

“I never said it was something to be proud of”

[ +411 / -149] It was when Kris Wu-Yifan pigeon flew away to China a week before the concert. They slept 2 hours a day and practiced 20 hours a day. They even recorded for a week and EXO-M also had to perform stages in China. I think it was successful regarding the fact that they didn’t faint. They started singing live during the concerts in China right after. But I admit it is their fault for not singing live in many concerts in songs such as ‘Call Me Baby,’ ‘Love Me Right’ and other songs. But they have recently been doing performances live. Even the one in Japan recently.

[ +265 / -94] Yes it is their fault for lip syncing back then yes yes. But I hope you guys don’t look at this negatively since they are doing live now :(

[ +233 / -116] Honestly, they couldn’t do anything about it last year… I hope people be quiet if they don’t know; yes it is their fault, lip-syncing during many music programs. I admit that a hundred or a thousand times.. But if you didn’t pay money to go to that, don’t complain.

[ +114 / -81] hahahahaahahahahahahaahhahaahaha I bursted out of laughter hahahaahahahahahahahahha such a disgrace :(

[ +71 / -52] LOL people claim they do live now hahahahahaahahahahahaha crazy conscience-less fans

[ +60 / -52] SM Entertainment makes the K-pop industry’s level go down while being on top at the same time lol

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[pics of the album]courtesy of 마이너 on 9muses dcgallery

Sera even personally delivered her album to the first person who ordered it but the person wasn't home to receive it, and only found out when Sera called him/her (source here, in Chinese) T__T Sera is an angel...

sources: Sera Ryu, Nine Muses DC gallery

I'm so happy for Sera!! you can tell she really put her heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into this ;_; unfortunately it's a limited(?) domestic release.. I wish international fans could buy her album somehow and support her :(

Set in a fictional imperial dynasty, the story centers around Jo Yangsun (Lee Yoobi), the young daughter of a nobleman who loses everything when her father is framed for a crime. She starts crossdressing in order to sell books to make ends meet, and ends up meeting a handsome and mysterious vampire scholar Kim Sungyeol (Lee Junki). The mystery also includes an evil vampire Gwi (Lee Soohyuk) residing in the palace who is the master puppeteer in the political arena, and will stop at nothing to prevent the Crown Prince Lee Yoon (Shim Changmin) from ascending the throne.

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According to Soompi, the rapper revealed, "Since the movie is large-scale with great visuals, I created a song that is exciting and full of tension."

Fantastic” will be released on August 4 through various music sites. Meanwhile, the film will be released in Korean theaters on August 20.

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The "Yes! Coach" episode with Jessica will be broadcast on August 7 at 21:30 CST~

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