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10:27 pm - 11/25/2015

K-Much Tie my hands MV

It’s just like some sort of ritual. I heard that you will go drinking after you finish a project.

Rather than being active, I prefer to have a simple gathering with my close friends. But I’m trying to be more active this time round. Thinking about it, since last time, I only said “I want to go on a holiday, I want a rest”, but I wasn’t able to put my words into action. I had sufficient time, so I think I was probably lazy.

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I didn't know he and Ji Chang Wook are friends!
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Despite having taken a hiatus from the group to fulfill his mandatory military service, it seems that thanks to the other members of Super Junior, we still get a chance to see how Donghae is doing.

Fellow member Yesung posted a photo with Donghae to his Twitter on November 22. In the caption, Yesung wrote, “I came for a visit~ It’s been a while, my brother #SuperJunior #YeDong.” In the photo, Donghae can be seen wearing a police uniform.
Donghae was transferred to Seoul following the completion of his three weeks’ basic training, and will serve the remainder of his military duties as a conscripted police officer.

It’s great to see him safe and healthy!
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He looks so good, its very nice to hear that he's doing well in his service. There were too many fan/armymen accounts on fellow army members who had spent time with him in the training, and were literally fawning over how handsome and friendly he was (they do keep mentioning how short he is tho lol) There has not been a lot of news on Eunhyuk frankly because Eunhyuk has been assigned to one of the front line/mechanized battalion in the army, which has been noted to be a lot more strenuous and has worried some of the other members and his friends but he's assured everybody that he's well and apparently made an angry+annoyed phone call to siwon who said he never calls anymore

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The girls never fail to make me laugh!
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