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South Korea ferry disaster:

Some heroes who risked their lives to save others

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EXO, Block B, A Pink, MBLAQ,

BoA, and More Postpone Promotional Activities

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Kim Hyun-joong,

"Public relationships is something I'll never do"

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Kim So Eun Clarifies

She Is Just Friends with Kang Ha Neul

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Source: KBS World TV
5:23 pm - 04/19/2014

A Pink on Weekly Idol

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I laughed so hard watching this without subs and its better with subs. Its worth watching just for the screaming high note battle.

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Source: theBOM324 and whitewood_cl via WeLoveBom

She's been looking so good this era <3 #Werk

source: SnowPrinceAS EXO
come watch and see half of the performance not showing, instead we have audience shots! also, suits ;___; suits are just so...omg omg omg omg (Lay, you too perfect) and can someone explain to me why in every single chinese show every artist lip syncs? I would like to know (changed for a better quality)

source: kbsworld

why was the kiss filmed only from one angle? awkward

Irish video blogger whataboutadam compiled a list of misheard K-Pop lyrics, and some are.. very interesting!

src: whataboutadam
Manboob got me bad. Are there any others out there?


Ray&mo, the production company of The Age of Feeling explained having suggested a 50% deduction in payment to the drama cast members.

On April 17, an affiliate of KBS 2TV′s The Age of Feeling drama production company told Newsen, “We only sent the new contracts to people who had previously agreed to the 50% deduction in payment. We didn’t force anything, so we don’t understand why they revealed the contract to the public.”

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source: mwave

this drama was such a mess production-wise, i feel bad for cast and crew, i hope theyll get payed. cast's payemnt reduction doesnt seem that unreasonable, they usually get payed a loooot more than regular crew members

140414 - Fancafe - Kyungil

Everyone’s doing well right?
You say you’re doing well?
The weather’s nice and flowers are blooming ~~~ without History…
Even then you say you’re doing well???!!!!!ㅋㅋ
I’m jokingㅋㅋㅋ

I’m writing for all of you who’ve been curious of how we’re doing~

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source: kyeongil + history's fancafe

so I'm guessing this is going to be after Fiestar's April 25th comeback? also, from what I've seen the members saying on SNS, I think they've written this album/mini-album (?) themselves so I hope it's good!

W/ DJ Tukutz, they perform Phone Number by JinuSean, Hot by 1Tym, and High High by GD&TOP live in Osaka for the YG Family concert.

via Time Will Tell The uploader asks that you do not edit, re-upload, or gif.

Mino in leather pants is a dream I never knew I had. B.I. saying "la, la, la, la, la". They all look like they're having fun & OP is happy. *whispers* Sub-Uniiit *whispers*
9:25 pm - 04/18/2014

Beenzino for GQ Style!

Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 9.16.02 PM

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via GQ Style Korea

Model! Beenzino strikes [a pose] again! There was an accompanying interview but no translations for that from what I've seen.

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6:01 pm - 04/18/2014


same rules 
9:35 pm - 04/18/2014

Hyun Bin for W Korea


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added bts photos!

Seo In Guk had a busy year and he has already chosen his next project, a noona romance about a high school student pretending to be an executive.
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Looking forward to this. And maybe he'll finally stop with the high school characters
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