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Four hours following his last set of tweets, ZE:A’s leader Lee Hoo, or Moon Junyoung, completed another set of tweets, albeit with what seems like a different tone than those from the last 24 hours.

In the early morning of September 22nd around 6:51AM KST, he wrote:

This is ZE:A’s Moon Junyoung.

First, I would like to apologize for the flow [of tweets] during the day today. The CEO and I finished our conversation awhile ago, and I’m very thankful that my feelings were heard. I’d like to express my thanks to the CEO, who listened to my sincere words and cared for them.
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Yeah he can cry all he wants but he'll always be scum to me

I can see that you can sing songs well with only basic instrumental accompaniment.
I really love singing. During shows, I would always go first saying "I will sing" even though no one asks me to. *laughs* As a girl group member on stage, I do not have many chances to sing an entire song alone.

Since you are now practicing pansori, your singing skills must have improved.
Yes, it really helps. It doesn't matter if I can do it or can't do it. I really want to learn from a skillful mentor. I don't care how the movie will fare, I have learned so many things in the process. *laughs*

You keep humming as you do the photoshoot, which song do you like most recently?
A: "Alone" by Dalchong. (takes out earpiece) Please listen to it once.

"Suzy's ballad song" feel is here.
It's worth it, right? I think I sang it for about 300 times today. *laughs*

When people heard I am doing an interview with you, the guys around me said they wanted to come as well with their eyes real big.
Haha, really?

You knew it yourself right? You're getting even prettier nowadays.
Me? I'm on a diet recently but I couldn't hold it in and ate rice cakes. *laughs* Maybe it's the baby fats that I am losing. That' why I am getting slender.

What do you do the first thing you wake up?
I would always look at the time. Since I can't hear the alarm, so setting it will be useless.

Are you living alone now?
Yes, I am staying in the dormitory alone. It's weird I can't hear the alarm, so manager oppa will always call the house phone.

Do you sleep a lot?
No, I don't. I don't take naps too. If I wake up early in the morning, I can't go back to sleep even if I do not have anything to do.

What do you do at that point in time?
Sing. *laughs*

You will get chased out by neighbors *laughs*
That's why after I become of legal age, I really wanted to get a driver's license. I want to turn the music full blast and drive. I practiced a lot too. I drive when I have time.

How long have you been driving?
A: It would be one year in the next two months.

You are driving well now, right?
I have been driving well since the beginning *laughs*

You know how to change lanes well then?
Yes, that's the basic isn't it?

Do you have a route you really like?
I will just drive and when the thought of going home comes to mind, I just go back. So the route I take every time is different.

Do you have anything other than driving you want to do after becoming an adult?
Having a cup of beer with my friends after finishing work, I love it the most.

Do you like beer?
As long as it's alcohol, I will like it.

Are you the type to have fried chicken with beer?
No, I am not. I don't really know how it taste.

Which types of dishes do you like to go with beer?
Taco wasabi. I like soups and something spicy. But if I eat those at night, I will swell the next day.

What do you do before you sleep?
I usually use the massaging machine for my legs and some exercises for my abdominal muscles. Just a little bit. And...I also like opening the fridge to take a look before going to bed.

Why do you do that?
Well...*laughs* It's a habit. My mom will ask me every time why I do it.

When do you need patience the most?
Those days I feel like drinking beer. My lesson (pansori perhaps) ends around 1 am but I have to film a photoshoot the next day, so I have to endure the struggle.

Then what about the times you want to play the most? There were such times at work right?
I still feel that it's tough even now. Especially when there is something delicious right in front of you! Things like pig trotter mom bought after going home from a day of filming. At that time, I have to fight with myself.

You're amazing. That's what you do in this field , isn't it? Times like "ah~ I don't care anymore" don't always come.
I belong to those kind of people who don't think too much before I do something. If I really want to do something, I will set my mind to it to succeed. There are also times when I just play without even sleeping. That's when I feel like I am living a meaningful life.

I am worried that you only do work but it's good to hear.
I usually come out and enjoy myself to regulate my life. By doing that, I feel more professional so it feels great. I don't just think about good things, I also think about implications of my actions. If I do it this way, will it have a big impact? Do things when it's time to do things, play when it's time to play. I am trying hard to live a stress-free life.

It took me 10 years in this industry to realized what you said, and it took you only 4 years.
Ah really? It's not really easy to put it into action. When you decided about something and put your heart into it, it is really important. When one's mentality wavers about his decision, work might become meaningless in a moment.

So the period of growth and success comes from overworking yourself too much.
Yeah, and because of those times, I will benefit today. Looking back, I don't really feel tired while working so hard. However today, if I work too hard, my body will give up. I have changed now. I will try to lead my life naturally.

Do you feel blessed right now?
I do, because I have what I wanted. If there is anyone I wanted to see, I can see the person right away. It becomes a memorable experience so I am enjoying it....but after thinking deeply, I am not happy these days.

Why all of a sudden?
I don't know. I feel the happiness just disappears. You understand, right? AH, I'm suddenly had a headache.

What are you afraid the most?
Losing someone precious to me. I feel so happy because of them, that's why I feel scared.

Source: GRAZIA Magazine Sept issue
CHI-TRANS: idreamhigh@SuzyHome
ENG-TRANS: liwen@Suzyjjang

Two years ago, you had your own world (way of thinking). And I heard your thoughts are quite more mature compared to others who are of your age.
Come to think of it, I have become more serious than before (laughs). Before, I get surprised whenever I look at my old diary. That time I was really full of "fighting". But nowadays I tend to think more about this and that. That's why before/when I do something, I become really timid. I feel like I will cause trouble, I feel like I'll regret. There are just times where it's really hard for me to decide.

Suzy has been a trend lately, do you feel anxious? Or you just enjoy it.
I don't know about being a trend(laughs). Anyways, it seems like I'm in. I won't be able to continue receiving this much love all the time right? When else can I ever see this much love. Wherever I go, everyone does good(have good skills) so I have no choice but to do better. Honestly, I think that's very dangerous. That's why I tend to be more careful.

Source: GRAZIA Magazine Sept issue
ENG-TRANS: mars_1307@Suzyjjang

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They say it ‘rare-item’. It’s the compound word of ‘rare’ and ‘item’.

When ‘miss A’s Suzy’s face is closed up a ‘rare-item’ is created.

"Have you zoomed in?"

"when seeing her closely"

"Where is any flaw?"

It was on 18th in last month. We met Suzy at a studio placed in Juseong-dong, Seoul.

Her step seems lighter than usual. Can you see her mouth corner slightly up?
It was the first day of her challenging to the fashion magazine cover shooting. She was chosen to decorate the September issue of ‘Grazia’. She was no longer the first love of the nation but a fashion icon.

‘Dispatch’ followed the cover girl challenge scene of Suzy.

"Suzy is a cover girl today~"

"Slightly nervous..."

"But confident~"

Suzy’s first concept was being a ‘autumn goddess’.

Is she the ‘cutie’ Suzy? We could feel the maturity which didn’t exist before. Um, shall we say that she’s the standard of a lady? She gives a goddess atmosphere with tone-downed pink long dress. Her long straight hair also played a part in making the mood.

"Profound mood?"

"Like this?"

Finally, the cover shooting of Suzy started. Suzy stood beside an antique chair. She had free expression and poses. If the ‘mood goddess’ exists, maybe it would’ve descended to Suzy.

"Starting chicly"

"the wind only helps"

"this is why she’s the mood goddess"

The first shooting ended smoothly. She picked the costume for the next shooting by herself. Her choice was long dress this time again. She showed off chicness with unique flower-patterned dress.

"sight robber"

"She’s elegant this time, right?"

As time passed, she might have felt relaxed. Her poses and expressions varied more. She swept her hair and held up her skirt slightly. She looked at the camera intensely.

Wait a moment here. We release Suzy dressed in dresses.

"Are you ready?"

"Goddess of Autumn"


"Don’t pull too much~"

‘Lovely’ word cannot be missed out when Suzy is called. She matched skin-tone blouse with grey jacket and skirt. Her unique cute charm got exposed well.
We will give her a nickname called ‘pose vending machine’ from now on. She posed well whenever she looked at a camera. Her charms of being prim, haughty, chic, and vivid got exposed.



"being chic is also OK"


"reversal is also OK"

Suzy successfully finished her first cover girl challenge. She skillfully posed and gave expressions at any order. That is why people say Suzy~ Suzy.

This was the Korean Thanksgiving Day present from ‘STARCAST’ until here. Spend your holiday like Suzy~. The holiday without missing anything….

Writing=Kim Soo Ji (Dispatch)
Picture=Seo E Joon (Dispatch)

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WARNING! This post is picture heavy! I love her interviews because she's always so honest, but I can't lie, her sadness and how serious she has become worries me. And I hope she won't pull a TOP/Taeyeon with her drinking aka drinking for forget her sadness/depression. And after the Ceci interview is done being translated I will also post it along with everything else ^^
4:40 pm - 09/21/2014

Abnormal Summit Ep. 11

Previous episode
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[This article was written before the ceremony, but explains Lang Lang's love for Psy and the collab.]

Kicking off on September 19th, the ceremony is set to include poetry readings, fireworks, lighting of the Asian Games cauldron, and K-pop performances alongside the pop-classical duo. The unlikely collaborators will be performing a classical version of PSY's 2002 hit, Champion.

Can't wait to join @psy_oppa at the Opening Ceremony of #Incheon2014 Games on 9/19! Oppan "LangLang" Style! :) pic.twitter.com/aSVzOoR7Ry

— Lang Lang (@lang_lang) September 15, 2014

The classical star has been vocal about his love of the YouTube rap sensation since Gangnam Style's release in 2012, even threatening to perform the piece at the Classic BRIT Awards 2013 . PSY in turn has previously suggested he'd find it amusing to see Lang Lang hopping around the dance floor, performing the famous horse-riding dance.

The Asian Games is the second largest international games after the Olympics. This year's event, the 17th Asian Games, runs from September 19th until October 4th, featuring 439 events in 36 sports and disciplines.

Lang Lang's Official Website | Lang Lang's Official Youtube | Classic FM

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The bags, the beautiful wonderful bags....I would probably drop kick one of them for their bag...but knowing Leo, he would probably deflect it. But seriously I want that backpack...And first Hongbin was hard to find pictures of during their trip to Kcon, now Hyuk giving me problems....camera people, y u no take picture of Hyuk from head to toe??

Following a series of tweets detailing his struggles and mistreatment as an idol by Star Empire CEO Shin Joo Hak, ZE:A leader Moon Junyoung (Lee Ho) shed some light as to what went down during discussions with the agency.

It seems like Star Empire, ZE:A’s agency, will now be going through some big changes, starting with the management of the agency and specific contractual terms. Junyoung also urges agencies to resolve any issues with their artists internally, calling for better treatment of idols in the industry.

On September 21, Junyoung wrote, “I have finished talking with CEO Shin Joo Hak. It has now been decided that I, that we, will run Star Empire - we will make it into a ZE:A company. Everyone, I promised you that this will be ZE:A’s day, that I’ll either cause this all to collapse or absorb it entirely. Everyone, it’s now time for you to please protect me. However, the truth is…”

“In the end, [CEO Shin Joo Hak] has lost everything and has gone broke. I still resent him and hate him but still I served under him for 8 years and I gunned him down. That responsibility…for that, I will accept the denouncement of the public and from our fans. CEO Shin Joo Hak and I will take responsibility for all the abuse and criticism. We have also decided to reverse the contract, 70% to us and 30% to the CEO,” he continued, revealing that ZE:A will soon be going through contractual changes with Star Empire.

“What I want to say is that, through this recent incident, all the agency CEOs are aware of the fact that there is a lot of issues with the contracts. I will keep my mouth shut so I hope you will correct this and treat your artists better. Lastly, I respectfully request this from you. From the heart…if you really understand…

Truly take the mindset that you’re starting afresh…put everything aside and believe that this is your own children. I respectfully request that you do this again just once more. And to all the public, fans and reporters that have helped out..thank you…I sincerely thank you for clearing these false charges,” he added.

“In future, for the sake of everyone that has read all my messages, as the representative of the singing, dancing, variety show ZE:A, along with my seniors, colleagues, juniors and all the artists, I vow on my changed name ‘Lee Hoo’ and ZE:A that I will dare to continue to work and live extremely hard,” Junyoung says.

“But I’m not a coward, I’ll just keep quiet for a bit and observe. To all the agency CEOs and management, I hope you will resolve these issues internally, correct them and apologize for them. What we want is for you to put everything aside and try to win over the hearts and minds of the artists,” the ZE:A leader continued.

“In the future, if something like this happens again, I will hear about it, observe it and feel it. In that case, it would be great if you are aware of the fact that I hold a weapon that could turn the whole entertainment industry upside down. I’m sorry for causing a fuss and I would like to say my thanks once again. Thanks to everyone, we have once again reclaimed our hopes, aspirations and dreams. Thank you, and please take care of us.

Since there is some people with misunderstandings. I will talk just about ZE:A’s internal workings. The guys that don’t do anything don’t get money shared out to them. When I was hurt, I didn’t get paid for 2 years. $0. We do not split our pay amongst the members (N/1). I will not talk about this any further and hold my tongue. Thank you.

The thing about popular opinion is that it can become a much talked about topic, and also make me a fool in an instant. The criticisms started coming instantly when I didn’t show off anything interesting. ‘It’s all the same, it’s because of money,’ people say. These sort of provocative statements, I’m not going to pay any attention to them. Not even when I was younger had I been slapped by my own father.

They were just a student that started down this path because they just liked singing. If they had endured being slapped while doing what they loved and wanted to keep it a secret then…please…Everyone don’t make me speak of it anymore. I beg of you. I’m sorry. I shall now call a ceasefire in this war and I shall see you next time. I once again sincerely give my thanks,” Junyoung says.

He also made sure to clarify one thing for fans: “Yes. that’s right, I shall put the final nail in the coffin. Star Empire, CEO Shin Joo Hak, just because I’m a guy, just because I’m the leader, as the representative of ZE:A, I have been slapped by him. It was more than once or twice. This sort of clear and provocative statement. I’m also human, so if I did all this seeking money then right from the outset I would have….sigh…..”

“And please don’t criticize the members. Please don’t do this. To be honest, those friends did nothing wrong. They are just kind guys that worked hard and did what was asked of them. Please criticise me and CEO Shin Joo Hak. Why someone had to do this and for what cause..please think it over once more…I beg of you. If I did something wrong then I will accept my punishment,” Junyoung concludes, “Sorry, and thank you.”

More updates will be provided here as they become available.

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Bye @ people claiming he's money hungry for doing this. I'm remaining cautiously optimistic but I hope this means better things for all the groups in the company too.
6:06 pm - 09/21/2014

Zawachin does GD

Zawachin is a japanese celebrity that does make up impersonations. She "became" many celebrities in the past, most notably Miranda Kerr, Kara Hara, AKB48, Arashi or 1D members.

Do you think she succeeded in looking like GD?

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source: zawachin blog, mdpr.jp
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140921 Inkigayo

Winner's Announcement



Super Junior



'I Swear'

Score Before Live Votes (사전합게) 6645 7484 7778
Digital Sales (음원) 5143 3626 1706
SNS 1002 3500 1706
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 500 358 72
Live Votes (생방송집계) 1000 397 61
Final Total 7645 7881 7839

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sources: SBSMusic1, KMusic-Live, 940510vn
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Return of Superman E42

Sunghoon had his fight yesterday, and won!!!!!!

Also related to this episode: 'Superman' takes a jab at 'Dad' through captions

Captions: 'Dad' runs away because they're scared of the aftermath

Why does 'Dad' try and fight when they're going to lose every day anyway...


1. [+1,297, -52] Hul... this is so wrong. As if copying the show wasn't enough, they're putting them down now? ㅋㅋㅋ Amazing

2. [+1,155, -41] The PD is such an idiot..

3. [+1,147, -64] Wow, pathetic... This is why I love the Superman kids but watch Dad instead

4. [+114, -6] They're crazy, as if copying the concept wasn't enough they're dissing them now

5. [+105, -5] Running their mouth when they're the ones who copied tsk tsk

6. [+102, -9] How cocky of them... Is being #1 in viewer ratings something to brag about like that?

7. [+89, -7] This is wrong.. It turns me off from the show actually.

kbsworld netizenbuzz


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