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These are so lazy smh. I only like Eunji's and Bomi's because they're the only ones that aren't super generic. I need to have a good long talk with A Cube.

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It's short but she slayed as per usual.
We Like 2 Party in Wuhan (Caution: Someone gave Choi the selfie stick. Be warned.)

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I wish they released a We Like 2 Party in Dalian because it seems like Daesung had the cam for that one. 90 days until the US shows!

BigBangYT 1 & 2 & 3

English pop songs that originally didn’t get a lot of exposure. As well as f(x) songs, there are many other Korean songs that were created as remakes of English songs.

Buying of songs is a common among record labels that believe that they can turn that track into a hit. In these cases, many K-Pop songs were bought or sold in order to create the tracks today. How do some of there English version compare to the Korean versions?


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This post took 85 years, but I hope everything is ok.
Omona, what are YOUR favorite demo's?

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finally..............the real artistés are back
Since Kim Yeon-woo CBR Cleopatra has been slaying for some time now.

The Phantom of the Opera Duet with Bae Da Hae

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태수 a | Lemon Tree | Misa

It's been so long since I've posted, I actually struggled a bit making this one OTL
3:00 pm - 07/05/2015

Got7 Just Right Teaser #4

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jypnation naver
I want the song preview asap!
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