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A young man aspires to become a successful singer, but how does he get there? Gong Jidan (Nam Tae Hyun) is a charismatic young man who wants to become a singing superstar. He starts his own karaoke business and uses it to help hone his singing skills. Sera (Seo Min Ji), a mysterious part-time employee, tries to do all she can to help Jidan achieve his dream. Will Jidan be able to find the success he seeks? “Midnight’s Girl” is a 2015 South Korean web drama.

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That ending...I gasped and started smiling too (because it's daylight)

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uee look amazing! after joo won, il woo and now sung joon. i wanna be her!

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I’m offended that nobody bothered to inform me of Heechul writing fanfiction about himself and his ‘A Style For You‘ co-star Hani on Instagram, and I’m also offended that no news sites thought it was relevant.

The more weird news, the better.
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AsianJunkie / heechuls ig 1, 2

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They lost to Ulala Session. It wasn't a perfect performance but he still did really good imo!
1:22 am - 05/24/2015

150524 Inkigayo

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]

'Who Are You'



Kim Sungkyu

'The Answer'

Score Before Live Votes (사전합게) 4182 9525 5190
Digital Sales (음원) 3164 5500 4251
Album Sales (음원) 126 25 500
SNS 892 3500 439
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 0 500 0
Live Votes (생방송집계) 65 602 1000
Final Total 4742 10127 6190

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