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Can't wait ^^

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⚜️ Individual Teaser Images: Byungchan & Hanse
⚜️ Individual Teaser Videos: Byungchan & Hanse

aaaahhh!! they look good! I've been loving the art direction/graphic design of these teasers. Is anyone else getting VM Project vibes from these??
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"B.A.P won't let you down." yeah it's not B.A.P we're worried about T$...

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jellyfish only uploaded on naver so i'll add a YT link once that's up. anyway, this looks amazing!

getting ready to comeback and snatch another 14 awards! will this be the comeback in which sowon finally gets the lines she's been robbed of since debut??? probably not -_-
The three major public broadcasters in Korea (KBS, MBC, SBS) are considering a new 60-minute rule for dramas to reduce some of the cutthroat ratings competition and revitalize a stagnating market.

The heads of the KBS, MBC, and SBS drama heads (Jung Sung Hyo, Jang Geun Soo, and Kim Yeong Seob respectively) had a meeting last week to talk about reducing drama runtimes. The big idea on the table was reducing weekday and weekend miniseries to 60 minutes and soap operas to 30 minutes. The new runtimes would be including commercial breaks.

Currently the three broadcasters are working in a fierce ratings competition by releasing dramas in the same time slot. If a drama runs a little longer than its competitor, it has a better chance of getting higher ratings. To stop this sort of tactic, the three broadcasters had agreed on a “72-minute rule” in 2009. In 2013 they shortened it again to a “67-minute rule.”

If a 20-episode mini-series is reduced by an average of 5 minutes per episode, about 100 minutes (almost two episodes’ worth) would be saved overall. Currently production companies spend about 500 million won (about $440,000) per episode, so they could save about 1 billion won (about $880,000) with the new rule.
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The reason that this new rule has been brought up recently is the worsening state of the drama environment. China has reduced the amount of Korean cultural content it imports, and in Japan the Hallyu wave is slower than it once was. However, Hallyu stars still command high guarantees, and with the rise in labor costs, the production cost has also increased. Meanwhile, the alternative for raising revenue by reducing production costs, in-product placement, and commercial breaks is becoming a popular one as well.

SBS drama head Kim Yeong Seob said, “It’s not about the competition so much as activating the drama market. If we reduce the runtime, we reduce production costs, but the quality of content will improve as the production staff’s burden decreases.

In order for the 60-minute rule to be applied in the actual drama industry, a more specific agreement needs to be reached between the three broadcasters. For example, the currently broadcasting KBS drama “Laurel Tree Tailors” is guaranteed at least 30 percent ratings, and reducing the runtime would necessarily result in reducing the number of commercials that could be broadcast with it. Since each broadcaster has differing interests, it is necessary to coordinate them.

MBC head Jang Geun Soo said, “It is true that the three public broadcasters have talked about the 60-minute rule but we still have to discuss our opinions before anything is concluded.

Source: Soompi, Naver
Yes please. All broadcasters should follow suit tbh.

The CEO of an entertainment agency has been charged with fraud and is currently undergoing further investigations to his crimes.

GNI Group’s CEO Seong Cheol-ho was charged with fraud charges and is currently being investigated. GNI Group is the head company and has a subsidiary called GNI Entertainment. GNI Entertainment currently has idol group MADTOWN, actor Jeong Si-Hyun, actresses Shin Eun-Je, Min Jae-Hee and Seo Jung-Hee signed to the agency.

On February 22, Seong Cheol-ho was arrested and questioned in Songpa Police Station regarding his charges. The CEO promised investors high returns and funneled funds from the company to juggle the amount of promises and stakes for personal gain.

Seong Cheol-ho is facing a total of 32 counts of criminal charges and these include but are not limited to fraud and foreign exchange violations.

As a result of the arrest of the sudden arrest of the GNI CEO, the former J. Tune Entertainment idol group, MADTOWN’s future inside the industry is at crossroads. MADTOWN had their contracts fully transferred from J. Tune Entertainment to GNI on January 2017. The media tried to make contact with the company to get an official statement regarding the arrest of the CEO, but all intents have been in vain.

Source: via koreaboo


Korean actor, businessman and self-claimed artist Yoo Toong, 60, is getting married in March ― for the eighth time ― to a Mongolian woman, 27. Despite decades of failed marriages, Yoo assured in an interview with online news outlet The Fact on Tuesday that "this will be my last marriage."

"Until now, I have lived upon my fidelity (to former wives) and guts. This time, it's different," Yoo said, adding that he is a "little shy and ashamed that my news has grabbed many people's attention."

Yoo, describing his life as similar to that of "an itinerant vendor," admitted his rambunctious lifestyle "may appear abnormal to many" but "holding the wedding, which I see as a joyous festival, at an open space is the most natural to me."

Yoo debuted with a movie in 1987 and was active during the 1980s and 1990s in movies and on television.

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8 marriages with 5 women, including a child bride WTF. "Abnormal" is not a strong enough word.


This rookie idol turned heads with her incredible visuals during her appearance on KBS’s Entertainment Weekly.

On February 11, Cosmic Girls Bona appeared on KBS’s Entertainment Weekly for a segment called “Drug Data” where she interrogated actor In Gyo Jin. Before the cute segment began, the show’s MC told Bona that her fellow member Cheng Xiao recommended her for the week’s episode and that she will need to showcase her own talent since Cheng Xiao showed her talent for tumbling.

Bona replied that since she’s from Daegu, she will say something cute in her accent.

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koreaboo giving us the hard hitting news. i have strayed from being cheng xiao biased to bona, i'm so weak when it comes to pretty girls ;~~~~;

‘s Somi and TWICE‘s Tzuyu youthful, natural beauty makes it difficult to decide whose visuals are the strongest; recently, even Dispatch couldn’t choose between these two young idols.

Somi and Tzuyu were both propelled into early stardom by their undeniable beauty and adorable personality and the pair have won the hearts of fans both in Korea and abroad.

Their fresh youthful faces have shocked fans as many learn they are much younger than they first appear as Somi was born in 2001 making her only 15 years old while Tzuyu was born in 1999 making her 17 years old. Their mature yet youthful image has left fans both young and old in awe.

Although they are both considered rookie idols their youthful makeup looks and style has already set new trends as they have become two of the leading faces in Korea.

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Omona, who gets your vote?

Both are equally stunning!
sick and tired of media constantly pitting young girls against each other :))))))
neither!! waiting for (so-and-so) queen to take over!!

spam the comment section with pretty female idols pls! :D

KBS 2TV's romantic drama "Uncontrollably Fond" has chalked up more than 4.1 billion views on China's largest online video sharing platform, a Seoul-based culture promotion agency said Wednesday.

The series starring Suzy of idol group missA and actor Kim Woo-bin has achieved a milestone on the online video portal Youku as of end of 2016 and is catching up to the 4.4 billion view count of "Descendants of the Sun" aired via iQIYI, also an online video service, according to the Beijing office of the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA)

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OP lasted 3/4 of an episode.

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Everything about Ashley outside the studio is me...the lovely coat, the pussybow, the bakery, screaming out "Where's my man?!?"...

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