Red Velvet’s repackaged album will be released on January 29th.

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aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love this
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A bit late, but it's an all kill!

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Please, check on these dorks omona!
Idk what this is since they still have to tease the MV in two days, but I would really like this turning into a long story-line MV cause it looks cute!
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Kim Seongri remains the best thing to come out of Broduce 101

BTS’s “MIC Drop” remix has now been on Billboard’s Hot 100 for two months!

On January 23, Billboard released its charts for the week ending in January 27. BTS’s “MIC Drop” remix (produced by Steve Aoki and featuring rapper Desiigner) remains on the Hot 100 chart, which ranks the most popular songs in the United States. It’s spending its eighth week on the chart, this time at No. 79.

As “MIC Drop” broke BTS’s previous record among K-pop groups of four weeks on the chart with “DNA,” they’ve continued to set a new record with each additional week on the chart. The new record for K-pop group tracks is therefore now eight weeks!

[Other charts]While the remix shows continued strength on the Hot 100, BTS’s latest mini album “Love Yourself: Her” is also showing impressive longevity on the Billboard 200 chart, which reveals which albums are the most popular in the United States each week. “Love Yourself: Her” is in the No. 82 spot this week, after being at No. 75 last week.

“Love Yourself: Her” is also still at No. 1 on the World Albums chart, now in its 18th week overall on the chart. Their album “Wings” is at No. 4 while “You Never Walk Alone” comes in at No. 6.

More chart appearances by BTS this week include “Love Yourself: Her” at No. 46 on the Canadian Albums chart and the “MIC Drop” remix at No. 74 on the Canadian Hot 100 chart.

BTS remains at No. 1 on the Social 50 chart, and has risen to No. 11 on the Artist 100 chart from No. 19 last week.

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D-3 to Always Find You

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the teaser has hyped me up!
omona, are you ready for Yuri to find you? please get your $$$ ready to buy Always Find You

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Just 1009 days after Oh My Girl made their debut the group won first place at The Show.
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Queen Sunmi round up

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