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Wonder Girls made it back to the top of the charts with their summer jam “Why So Lonely”!

At 5:30 p.m. KST on July 27, the reggae pop track by Wonder Girls reigned at first place on the live charts on Melon, Olleh Music, Soribada, genie, Naver Music, and Monkey3. They also reached second place on Mnet and bugs.

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[Position on charts at the moment]

They are at the top of the iChart (red line)

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[EP 1 Scores]
TEN 154/200
BORA 148/200
MOMO 144/200

UKWON 158/200

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shownu, hoya, hyoyeon and taemin next week

Rapper Iron is caught in another suspected case of marijuana usage and has been prosecuted without detention.

The Seoul Central Prosecutors’ Office reports, “Rappers Iron and former Topp Dogg member Kidoh are under suspicions of smoking marijuana, and have been prosecuted without detention.”

Along with the rappers, other suspects include a singer, an aspiring songwriter, and a performance planner, resulting in a total of five cases that have been turned over to court.

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I love the girl but I was expecting someone else because her solo was not long ago. I think the other one is going to be Jun. K

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These two episodes are the last episodes of Season 2 of the Chinese version of Go Fridge. Season 3 is already confirmed.

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This is 2016 Kim Jaejoong & Kim Junsu MEMBERSHIP WEEK guide.

‘MEMBERSHIP WEEK’ will continue even in 2016.
‘2016 Kim Jaejoong & Kim Junsu MEMBERSHIP WEEK’ will be adorned with contents that can be experienced firsthand and enjoyed by fans; like talk show, dress[ing] room, club, undisclosed photos, and videos.

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The clothes are so not her style, but she still pulled them off well!

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