GQ:Do you look at GQ?
Jackson: Of course. Jay-Z was even on the cover once.

Jackson:Yes, in America… It’s the same GQ right? Wow, it’s an honor. This is the first time I’ve done a solo photoshoot. All the focus is on me. It’s nice. When I’m doing a photoshoot with the other members, there’s a lot of photos that I look bad in. I look like an MC in some of the photos. It doesn’t seem like GOT7, it’s more like GOT6. I’m just an extra. Honestly all of the members have small faces and long legs… When I stand next to them I look like a watermelon and they all look like apples.

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OP: I kind of found this interview to be a bit bittersweet. And when he said that he gets hurt easily when he opens up to people just reminded me of the time when he was filming for Hitmaker and they tricked him into thinking he was going overseas for vacation with the Big Byung and the Weekly Idol MCs only to find out it was a joke and the look on his face. He was really looking forward to go. And the fact that he has slight body issues.

Seung Ri - Instagram - 28aug2015.jpg

Poeple asked and here it is, the last updates of TOP on his Instagram, showing his love (obsession) for maknae Seungri.

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Dia Frampton is currently the love of the judges on “Superstar K7.”

[Spoiler (click to open)]

On the episode of “Superstar K7” that aired on August 27, Dia Frampton, who took second place on the U.S. version of “The Voice Season 1,” auditions.

“You got second place on ‘The Voice Season 1.’ Why did you come to Korea to take another audition,” Yoon Jong Shin asks.

“My parents know that I applied for ‘Superstar K7,” she starts off. “My mom is even more nervous and excited than I am right now. It means a lot to my mom that I am auditioning for this program. My mom was born in Seoul, and my dad is American. My family, however, lives in Korea, and it’s like my home. It’s special for me to be singing in Korea for my mom and my grandmother. I’ve always wanted to sing in Korea,” she says.

When she starts singing, her voice immediately captivates the judges.

“If someone were to ask me, ‘How would she do in Korea?’ I would give a very positive answer. Her voice has a lot of Asian traits,” Yoon Jong Shin says.

“I was surprised such a pretty voice came out,” Sung Shi Kyung says.

Zion. T adds on to the praise by saying, “I love you,” leading Frampton off to a good start with a pass from all of the judges.

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Blue House National Security Office chief Kim Kwan-jin shakes hands with North Korean military politburo chief Hwang Pyong-so after signing the joint statement to end their marathon meetings at Panmunjeom Peace House, in the early hours of Aug. 25. (image provided by the Ministry of Unification, via The Hankyoreh)

By Joshua Stanton for One Free Korea

They came, they talked, and they signed, but they solved nothing. Plus or minus one piece of paper, three severed legs, and an implicit promise of payment, we are where we were on the morning of August 4th, when Staff Sergeant Kim Jung-Won and Sergeant Ha Jae-Heon embarked on their fateful patrol.

As I predicted hours before the deal was announced, Pyongyang didn’t apologize, and Seoul will continue to pay. The loudspeakers will be switched off. There will not be an all-out war, and probably never would have been. The limited, incremental war will resume, only at a time and place more to Pyongyang’s advantage.

My guess is that most analysts who prefer not to label the Ikes and the Tinas will be pleased that “both sides” found a “face-saving” way to “de-escalate” a situation that one of the sides created with malice aforethought, and will now use for its financial and political benefit, but I can’t see how we’re any closer to lasting peace or security.

So, what was agreed? Six things, as printed by the North’s KCNA, and translated by Yonhap. Read more...Collapse )

Gongchan, B1A4 Maknae, is not gaining enough attention. We are so desappointed
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How can you resist this little cinnamon roll??
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The indie band Hyukoh will be holding their first solo concert on September 18 at the Hyundai Card Understage, Hannam-dong, central Seoul.

With emotion-arousing acoustic sounds and everyday-like lyrics, Hyukoh has been receiving a lot of attention in the Korean music industry. In celebration of their first anniversary of their first album “20”, which was released in September 2014, Hyukoh has decided to hold their first solo concert.

The band was recently a part of the MBC “Infinity Challenge Music Festival” and was able to appeal to the mainstream population. This upcoming concert will be a time in which Hyukoh will be able to perform live while personally interacting with their fans.

This past July, when Hyukoh had a guerilla concert at the same location, more than 500 people showed up to enjoy the band’s live entertainment. Because this concert is Hyukoh’s first solo concert, there is a lot of anticipation from fans as well.

Some of their most famous hit songs include “Wi Ing, Wi Ing”, “Comes and Goes”, “Hooka”, and “Gondry”. Fans are excited to see how the band will perform the live version of their favourite songs.

[Ticketing Information]
Tickets for Hyukoh’s concert "20" have all been sold out, after it was made available for purchase on August 28th from 2PM KST.

Source | SportsWorld via Soompi + OP Edited,
4:15 pm - 08/28/2015

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Fans were in for a shock when some received photocards of Tao in their Super Junior and Girls’ Generation albums.

Many took to social media to express their confusion and surprise at the recent happenings. By either manufacturer error or as a strange play, fans have reported that their Devil and Lion Heart albums came with small photocards of Tao.

Netizens have mixed theories as to how and why this has happened. Although some credit the phenomenon to manufacturer or design error, others think that it is an odd and purposeful by SM Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Z.Tao recently released his solo music venture T.A.O and gained attention for regretting the words he said about Wu Yifan.

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The first episode of Nicaragua edition of the Laws of the Jungle is going to air on September 11.
You can also watch the preview on Naver if youtube is blocked for you.

Are you excited? :D

Wang Mandu l TVCast Naver


so pretty i like it
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