The members of the National Union of Mediaworkers – KBS Branch have announced that they will be commencing a strike against the broadcast station beginning on November 9th at 5:00.

The goal for the strike is to change the rules for internal position appointments so that it would take a 2/3rds vote, rather than the current majority vote, to install a new CEO in office.

However, since the 11-member voting council consists of 7 members from the majority party (currently the Saenuri Party) and 4 members from the minority party, the labor union has opined that the current majority-rule system is unfair and flawed.

The union workers affected by the strike include approximately 1,200 staff, including journalists and producers. The union has also reached out to the KBS Labor Union – a separate entity – to include their workers in the strike, as well.

If both labor unions participate in the strike, 4,000 out of 4,700 KBS employees will be on strike, leading to massive problems with programming and broadcast schedules.

This strike follows a couple of months after the first strike, which affected both KBS and MBC.

Source: Joongang Ilbo | akp
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