On November 7th NH Media, announced that following the BBC News report on the UKISS’ Peru concert, they received many offers to hold more concerts, including one in the UK.

A spokesperson for the agency said, “UKISS is currently arranging their schedule to hold an exclusive concert in Litchfield, Hampshire, UK.”

“Hallyu has been popular only in Asia so far but now it has spread all over the world through social network services like YouTube. Since U-Kiss members are good at speaking foreign languages and have over 100,000 fans abroad. The group will lead Hallyu in Asia, South America, and Europe.”

UKISS is also planning to hold concerts in Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Columbia for the first time as a Korean singers early next year. This also marks the first non-London concert to be held in the UK.

More info to come.

sources: unitedkpop + korea.com (cant find a link for the article)
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