On ‘Strong Heart‘, Leeteuk sent 100 of his celebrity friends a text message that read, “I’m going to miss you” as part of his farewell special.

One of the recipients was Psy, who replied “Army… is good.. Eat a lot of greasy foods like Chinese food or fried chicken, and sweet things. If you have questions, you can always call me.“ The last portion of the text brought much laughter from the panel and the audience as it is widely known that Psy knows more about military life than the average Korean man as he had to fulfill military service terms twice, rather than just once due to an issue that was brought up towards the end of his first term.

Lee Seung Gi replied, “You haven’t gone yet? kekekeke I’m going to miss you too ㅠㅠ“, while 2PM‘s Taecyeon replied, “Hyung, take care~ But I think this is your first text to me, please contact me more often,” causing laughter to break out.

Jewelry‘s Eunjung texted back, “Did you send this to the wrong person? Oppa, aren’t you going in as public service officer?“. Kim Min Jong answered, “Me too. Fighting… Time will go by fast. Enjoy it.Yoo Hyun Sang replied, “Teuk, you’ll do fine~ Even Boom went through it~ I’ll miss you. I’ll go visit you, fighting~“. K.Will answered, “Don’t lie keke. The nation wants soldier Park Jung Soo. Sexy, free & single, and ready to enlist.

source: akp, akp

I compiled the two articles from akp into one. K.Will's response is my favorite XD
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