11:14 am - 11/10/2012

Noel Time for Love Album

Noel's been around since 2002, and Time For Love is their fifth album I believe. So maybe time for a tag please Mods? This album has 13 new songs, including a solo song for each of the four members. The entire album is gorgeous; I haven't loved an album so completely since 2AM's Saint O'Clock. My must listen songs are Like Today, all four solos and Second Chance.

Things I Couldn't Say is their title song.

Like A Star


Like Today An upbeat and happy song, not a usual offering from Noel but delivered wonderfully.

If Jeon Wooseong's solo. The possessor of the husky voice sings gloriously in this song with stripped down accompaniment. His voice shines with just a piano and acoustic guitar.

The Way Back Leader Lee Sangon's solo, he of the glasses and effortless high belt. His solo song evokes images of a jazz singer on a stool singing at a lounge somewhere.

Will Love You Always

You Make Me Smile Kang Kyunsung's solo, the maknae with floppy fringe. His solo starts as your traditional OST-esque ballad, but there is a swooping climax complete with high belt and he pulls it off effortlessly.

Light Na Sungho's solo, the second maknae with puppy dog eyes. His solo is my favourite of the lot. It's vaguely musical-esque and the choruses in this song are gorgeous.

Second Chance A duet with a female soloist named Dong Ok. She has a lovely voice, similar to SNSD's Tiffany in tone. I love this song and the combination of Dong Ok with the members of Noel result in some beautiful harmonies.



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