Yunho and Changmin of TVXQ have taken the #1 spot in terms of album sales for October.

According to the Gaon Chart, TVXQ’s album ‘Catch Me‘ sold 114,956 copies in October, which was the highest for the month. Adding the 131,882 album sales from September, the total sales adds up to 246,838 copies.

Psy‘s 6th album came second for October with 28,359 copies. Epik High was third with 27,161 copies, and G-Dragon was fourth with 18,722 copies.

Out of all the female artists in the top 10, T-ara‘s ‘T-ara’s Free Time in Paris & Swiss‘ sold the highest and was fifth overall by selling 17,242 copies while miss A‘s ‘Independent Women Pt. III‘ ranked 7th by selling 13,153 copies. Ga In ranked 9th with ‘Talk About S.’ by selling 9,855 copies.

Source: Gaon | akp
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