Rookie group Cross Gene officially debuted in Japan on August 12th with the Japanese Edition of their Korean mini-album. Now the group is set to release their first original Japanese song as well as the Japanese versions of tracks from their debut mini-album.

The album, titled ‘TIMELESS-FUTURE‘, is set for release on November 21st. The mini-album will contain 7 tracks including instrumentals and original Japanese song “New Days”. It will come in two editions. The mini-album track list is provided below.

1. La-Di Da-Di (Japanese Ver.)
2. Sky High (Japanese Ver.)
3. One Way Love (Japanese Ver.)
4. For This Love (Japanese Ver.)
5. New Days
6. La-Di Da-Di (Instrumental)
7. New Days (Instrumental)

Back in late October the group released a teaser to build anticipation for their upcoming release, check it out below in case you missed it.

Then, earlier today, the group released the short version MV of their song “For This Love”. (above) The music video focuses on the choreography, interweaving practice room footage with scenes from different sets.

source: akp, universalmusicjapan

(edited for grammar) Nice to see that Takuya will get more parts in their Japanese songs^^
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