ayumikoshiro 12th-Nov-2012 07:28 pm (UTC)
I think it makes a good point for the most part international fans don't put as much meaning into scandals as Korean fans seem to. But on the other hand most of our resources come second hand from the fandom community so while ELFs are losing their hair over this maybe South Korea as a whole could care less. It's like if 1 Directoners and Beliebers made up all the information Korea knows as a whole. It would lead them to believe that the country is up in arms about Selena Justin rumors when in reality we could care less for the most part.

A lot of fans draw their cultural picture of South Korea from kdramas and kpop fandom (fair enough news isn't being translated and most kids could care less about international politics). It will be interesting with South Korea's growing popularity to see how they address their cultural picture.

I'm curious how do foreigners view America's cultural picture. I know there are jokes out there that we are fat, rich, spoiled, lazy and stupid... but that can't really be how other countries think right?
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