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anewsymphony 12th-Nov-2012 07:33 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed this article - I'm korean and virtually the only thing I've heard/seen in terms of reactions to this on my fb newsfeed was like a comic someone reposted that was essentially poking fun at LOEN's joke of an excuse. no one really cares all that much. korean culture is nowhere near as conservative as some people think...it's just that people aren't as open about it (talking about sex etc)

in terms of IU and her career, like this article emphasises, it's more the fact that she has essentially built her career on the innocent, cutesy girl image that korean guys fap over, and people are starting to realise that it's all fake. but this was going on even before this "scandal" erupted tbh...it's not like rumours of her apparently being a bitch are hard to come by

i personally have no opinion on IU as a person, or this scandal btw, so don't think that any of the above directly applies to me!
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