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the_erotomanic 12th-Nov-2012 08:42 pm (UTC)
sexism exists in korea. however you look at it from a culturalist or from a determinist standpoint, it exists.

international kpop fans may have overestimated korean netizens reaction to this "scandal."

this article fails to notice that eunhyuk was never criticized by the netizens. and how could they? he was just being a man for wanting to have sex with a girl like iu. it was iu that was criticized for having an image she wasn't able to uphold. and like the article says, those netizen comments unfairly criticize iu for the image concept and not her management company.

and what this article proves is that koreans are much more open to sex/idols having sex (with each other), but they are not beyond being sexist in this situation.
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