8:50 pm - 11/13/2012

Jun.K reveals a 2PM member is dating

2PM′s Jun.K let it slip that a 2PM member is in love.

On the November 11 broadcast of tvN′s The Romantic & Idol, Jun.K got tangled in a question fired by the producers in a pre-broadcast interview, and confessed that a member is currently dating.
"It′s really been a long time, beyond imagination, since the members have dated anyone. We even tell each other to start dating for a change. None of the members are dating now," he said.
He suddenly added, however, "Oh, no. One is [dating]."
The singer then realized what he had said, and exclaimed with a little smile, "I wasn′t myself right then."

In the love variety show, Jun.K himself started to get lovey-dovey with Fiestar member Jei, gathering attention as to whether they would end up as a couple in the end.

Source: enewsworld
So Omona, which member do you think it is?
uniqlos 14th-Nov-2012 04:01 am (UTC)
taecsica, to piss sones off ( and because he's my fave so i want him to date). or ooh khunfany, to piss sones and taeyeon off.

i mean, i have no doubt hottest are gonna be crazy too, but i can't wait for sones to write their little ten paragraph fauxminist manifestos on tumblr about how dirty oppars don't deserve their unnirs, in fact no man deserves them, they should all disappear and live together in an attic forever where no penis shall spoil their purity~ it's going to be so fun.

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chibiyunie 14th-Nov-2012 07:01 am (UTC)
This comment is pure win.
simplyobessed 14th-Nov-2012 09:32 am (UTC)
lol A+
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