ZE:A will be releasing a ballad by the end of the month.

The group has always been active with dance songs, but ZE:A will be changing things up a bit as they’re currently putting the final touches to a soft, ballad song. It is the first time in their 3 years that they will be releasing a ballad as a title song. The song will emphasize main vocal Kevin‘s distinguished singing skills.

There are currently no decisions made as to if the song will receive the full promotion treatment or not. Dongjun is busy with ‘Catch Me If You Can‘ and is preparing for ‘I Love You Mister‘. Siwan is also preparing for his movie, ‘The Boy Who Visited Wonderland‘. Kwanghee is busy with various variety shows such as ‘We Got Married‘, ‘Knee Drop Guru‘, and ‘Star King‘ while Kevin and Hyungsik are preparing for their musical.

A representative said, “They prepared a special song as a gift for the fans that supported them this year.“

source: akp

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