12:18 pm - 11/16/2012

121116 Music Bank

This Week's Winner

► Comeback Stages

Dal★Shabet – Have, Don't Have

B1A4 – Tried To Walk

Son Dambi – I Wanna Be With You + Dripping Tears

LED Apple – Let The Wind Blow


C-CLOWN – Far Away... Young Love

► Debut Stages

The Seeya feat. Taewoon (SPEED & Co-Ed) – Be With You

► Follow-Up Songs

24K – Secret Love

► Regular Stages

HyunA – Ice Cream

Kim Jong Kook – Men Are All Like That

Girl's Day – Don’t Forget Me

Boyfriend – Janus

Crayon Pop – Dancing Queen


Noel – Things I Couldn't Say

Byul – Bad

D-Unit – Luv Me

EXCITE – Try Again

E2RE – Deep Night Sad Song

Arie Band – Oh! You

Wonder Boyz – Open The Door

► Goodbye Stages

miss A – I Don’t Need a Man

Jewelry – Look At Me

AOA – Get Out (Band Ver.)

► Teasers

Juniel - Comeback Next Week

Kim Sunggyu - Solo Debut Next Week

► Other Cuts

Backstage w/ B1A4, Dal★Shabet & special MC Kim Jong Kook

Backstage w/ Son Dambi & special MC Kim Jong Kook

K-Chart 20~11

K-Chart 10~3

Missing performances:


sources: lokyan64, KMusicLiveKBS2, ASIANMUSIKpop5, simhy5
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