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Sulli, who was a youthful young boy in the drama For You in Full Blossom which ended not too long ago, wore a marshmallow colored ladylike look with rainbow tinted hair. A moment in which the lovely mood we wanted to see so dearly from Sulli overflows.

Sulli arrived at the studio with a short cut and wearing an oversized military jumper, black skinny jeans, and wild sneakers. The feel of Goo Jaehee, the youthful boy from within the drama (For You in Full Blossom), was unchanged. As she sat on the makeup table and talked in detail about the things that had happened that morning, her charming deep voice appeared to be another aftereffect of her drama.

Though she typically resides at the dorm, she has been living with her parents since her drama ended. The role of a girl disguised as a boy couldn't have been easy, but it felt as though she has yet to fully shake off the character of Goo Jaehee. "It was much more difficult than I thought it would be to act as a girl disguised as a boy. Because I had to pole vault and play football, and race and trip and roll around as well. My stamina was an issue. I don't like exercising." Nineteen-year-old Sulli, who is in her third week of break since her drama ended, reminisced about the drama as she spoke. "It was a bit burdensome, as there were a lot of shower scenes as well as kissing scenes." This young girl, who is still a minor, cutely sprinkled around her complaints. "But lately, I often think about the drama staff members and the filming site. We went through a lot, and so we accumulated that much affection as well."

Until she steps out as a member of f(x), she has a bit of free time nowadays. The hobbies of this girl who, contrary to her appearance, says she enjoys alone time are feminine activities such as baking cookies, knitting, and doing her nails. "Maybe it's because this short hairstyle leaves a strong impression, but I think that everyone has forgotten my lovable and cute image. (laughter) Well, there are times when I can't recall the days when I had long hair either. I realized clearly through this that hairstyles are very important to a woman."

The Republic of Korea's representative 'cutie' icon, she has her own particular motto which holds up to having such a modifier attached to her. "They say that if you have pretty thoughts, your face will become pretty too. In reverse, I suppose that if you have negative thoughts, your face will become unlikable too? There were times that were difficult as I went through life in society since my days as a child actor, but each time my mom gave me advice. If I repeat 'let's forget, let's forget, let's forget, let's forget,' I promptly forget about upsetting matters and difficult matters are solved. Interestingly, this really is effective." The positive mindset she refers to as pretty thoughts and the lucky incantation that promptly forgets upsetting matters are the solution.

Nowadays she is pouring all of her concentration into obtaining her driver's license. "If I get my driver's license to celebrate becoming an adult, I really think that I would be happy enough to soar away. But I'm easily frightened, so I'm not sure that I'll be able to pass the road test. We are scheduled to release an album next year, and I can't know for certain but I suppose I will have become the best driver? (laughter)"

"I have a few moles on my face and the one on my nose is said to be a charm mole. I'm thankful to my parents who passed down good genes. And that's not all. Since I was born as the baby of the family with two older brothers I grew up receiving all the love of my parents and older brothers, so that's another point to be thankful for. (laughter)"

"I rested for a bit after the drama ended, but starting next week the schedule is tight. Since it's the end of the year there are many concerts, overseas activities, and various events. I want to enjoy the remaining few days of my free time to the fullest."

"I frequently receive questions regarding fashion. Right now I am in the midst of checking what I like, one by one. Rather than cute makeup, I like strong smoky looks."

"I want to develop into a charming actress with individuality like Shin Mina, Lee Hyori, and Park Shiyeon unnies. Perhaps it's because of that, but I come to look more attentively at the looks they come out wearing."

"Kara's Jiyoung and 4minute's Soyeon are my best friends. Just the three of us went to play at Eulwangri recently. I was in such a good mood. Of course, we prepared thoroughly so that people wouldn't recognize us, and that process was enjoyable too."

Translation: 4rang
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