Earlier, it was announced that Lee Hi would be making a surprise release of a brand new song, which is reported to be a ballad, on November 22nd.

Today, it’s been revealed that she’s enlisted the help of her former mentor J.Y. Park, who will be overseeing the production of the single including writing and composing the song himself. Although her relations with J.Y. Park were cut off with the end of ‘K-Pop Star‘, they’ll be able to rekindle their mentor/student relationship once again.

YG Entertainment representatives said, “J.Y. Park didn’t personally write the songs of Park Ji Min and Baek Ah Yeon, both of whom debuted under JYP Entertainment, so it’s surprising to us that he’s willing to participate in Lee Hi’s album. There will be no impressive music video, dancers, or outfits with this comeback as the focus will be put entirely on her voice and vocal talent.”

Be sure to check back for its release!

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