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Seungri: "1.Seung ri 2. Seung ri 3. Seung ri 4.Seung ri"

Convo with Filipino-Dutch Model: Misa Campo!

Convo with Producer Choice 37

*NOTE: David Cooperfield is an American Illusionist; a reference from a line in Seungri - Magic “Word magic? What you david cooperfield or something?” 

Convo with GLEE's Kevin McHale; Kevin is very vocal with his BIGBANG stanning...he also attended their concert in LA.

Proclaiming his love for Red Bull. . . 

Convo with his fansites

"I don't like that main Picture that's like...........Babo..."

Attempt to reach out to YG FAM

Convo with YG Staff Steve Lee; the best friend who encouraged Seungri to start using twitter.

Damn members!!! 

Also, he takes the cake on Kpop Artist who had the most tweets on his 1st day on twitter. Bless Him.

Source: twitter.com/ForvictoRi
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