Brand New Entertainment has made an announcement regarding Phantom and their comeback.

They tweeted,

A gift for all Phantom fans.

1. Revealing a new song from Phantom’s new mini album that will be released in January for the first time.
2. A live performance of all songs Phantom released
3. A joint stage with the Brand New artists and HybRefine where you can hear HybRefine’s music
4. A stage of song from Hanhae’s mix tape, ‘Eargasm‘
5. A CD package of all Brand New artists that will be gifted through raffles (10 Set – Including the single CD of “Hole in Your Face”
6. One fan will be chosen through raffle to dine with Phantom
7. A live performance of “Homeground” with Verbal Jint and Swings
8. The last joint stage of Sanchez and Verbal Jint’s “You’re Pretty Enough”

You can meet all this on ‘Brand New Year’.

Please send us ideas for ‘Brand New Year’ through mentions.
If you are chosen, you’ll be sent a signed CD from the relevant artists.

The presents will continue…

The concert we make together, ‘Brand New Day vol. 2 ‘Brand New Year”

The tweet gave information about the concert, and fans immediately noticed that Phantom will be releasing a new mini album in January. Are you excited for their comeback?

Allkpop, BrandNewMusic@twitter
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