Globally, Gangnam Style has risen to popularity as a catchy tune, a funny music video, and a memorable dance. Hundreds of parodies of the video have been made, some just copying the dance, some picking up on the social commentary of absurd displays of wealth and status.

Other videos take Gangnam Style in to another area.

British-Indian artist Anish Kapoor has made a version of the Gangnam Style video to promote free speech.

Gangnam for Freedom by Anish Kapoor and Friends has been released to support to promote freedom of speech and in support of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, who also made a Gangnam parody as a comment on the lack of freedom in China.

Kapoor’s Gangnam Style video is supported by human rights organisations including Amnesty, Liberty and the Index on Censorship and features other well-known artists such as Mark Wallinger and Bob and Roberta Smith.

High profile figures such as Southbank Centre director Jude Kelly and writer Hanif Kueishi were involved in Gangnam for Freedom, while institutions such as the Guggenheim art gallery sent in contributions.

Kapoor said: “Our film aims to make a serious point about freedom of speech and freedom of expression.
“It is our hope that this gesture of support for Ai Weiwei and all prisoners of conscience will be wide-ranging and will help to emphasise how important these freedoms are to us all.”

Sources: GangnamFor Freedom, Friends Of Ai Weiwei,The Telegraph 
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