Actor Lee Kwang Soo expressed his appreciation to fellow ‘Running Man‘ co-star Kim Jong Kook for bullying him.

Lee Kwang Soo recently sat down for an interview with TV Report and began by saying, “Jong Kook hyung has been of much help to me that I’m now able to participate in the show comfortably.”

Fans are already aware that Lee Kwang Soo is nicknamed ‘giraffe’, whereas Kim Jong Kook is known as the ‘tiger’ on ‘Running Man’. Like their respective herbivorous and carnivorous characters, their relationship on the show reflects that of a predator and its prey.

“Before my character [giraffe] developed, there were a lot of people who weren’t happy seeing me get bullied by Kim Jong Kook. We both knew that viewers viewed it unfavorably, but Jong Kook hyung continued to bully me on the show.”

He continued, “I know well why Jong Kook hyung continued to bully me on the show. He wanted to give me a character and wanted me to have something to do on the program. Even though he knew he was being criticized for it, he continued to bully me. That’s the reason why I now have the giraffe character.”

Lastly, Lee Kwang Soo commented, “Although I have never told hyung about this, I really want to tell him how thankful I am.”

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