Supreme Team’s E-Sens Criticizes Comedians Doing Hip Hop


Supreme Team’s E-Sens has a bone to pick with the increasing number of comedians making attempts into the hip hop genre.

On November 27, the Supreme Team member tweeted, “Why is it that when [comedians] have no ideas or have nothing to do, they always try and imitate hip hop musicians with “music” that aren’t even funny? Truthfully speaking, I am f*cking tired of seeing this.” 

Though the tweet wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, with the rise of such cases through efforts from Jung Hyung Don, Brave Brothers, UV and more, the tweet was seen as an indirect diss at them.

His agency later commented in on the manner as well saying that the tweet was an expression of E-Sens’ personal opinion and did not reflect the opinion of the agency itself.

The tweet brought divided opinions from netizens with some agreeing saying things like, “It’s an embarrassment to true hip hop artists”, while others shared, “Then hip hop musicians shouldn’t come out on variety programs either.”

What’s your take on the matter?

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