@realjonghyun90 Okay! I’ve decided. Tomorrow, my attire will be a company employee!

@realjonghyun90: The suit I coordinated are all shown for the first time today!! Shoes are shown first time!! Bag is also shown first time!! Almost all of them are new clothes!! I wanna be fashion people!! I wanna see HD!! Please send me cool pictures♥♥

This picture is nice! HD! Grrr whine whine

@realjonghyun90 this is also nice!!

no, this is cuter

@realjonghyun90 this too

another cute picture and a full length one

and a cute SHINee video for your time

Sources Tweets are from Jonghyun's Twitter, translation credit to @shiningtweets, SFI's account for Twitter translations. Pictures as creditted by their respective watermarks, taken from Fuckyeahpuppyjonghyun at Tumblr. Original interview courtsey Elle Japan, subbed version courtsey TheBlingdinosaur at YouTube. 
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