9:05 pm - 11/29/2012

Junsu Twitter Updates

[TRANS] I’m walking and walking.. and still walking

[TRANS] December’s concert…Confirming the new arrangements as I’m walking.. What song am I listening to? ^^

[TRANS] The right answer is…”Can You Hear Me?” ^^

[TRANS] For the first time in a while, while walking.. with the new piano accompaniment arrangement.. I tried singing lightly to “Can You Hear Me”.. Even though it’s been so long.. I could actually recall all the lyrics.. ‘Look at that bright sun.. It’s always looking down upon you..’ It’s such a nice song..^^

[TRANS] Even though it’s shaky..

[TRANS] There’s already a Christmasy atmosphere here..^^

[TRANS] ha

Credit : @1215thexiahtic | Translated by: @parksheena6004 + @_alovelikewar + @AllRiseXiahtic + @ohmyjunsu | Shared by : JYJ3

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