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[TRANS] It’s the best to exercise on a rainy day

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[TRANS] It has been a day since I came back from Germany. I played soccer again today.
Even if it snows..and the snow hits my face.. Even if my body freezes..I like it so much, what can I do about it..
I don’t care if it snows..Even if it is windy, rainy or a storm rages, I play soccer.

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Kim Junsu: “Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun Are Extraordinary Within Acting Idols”‏

JYJ Kim Junsu made his compliments towards the acting of his member Kim Jaejoong who took on the challenge of movie recently.

On the 29th, Kim Junsu met the reporters at a hotel in Essen, Germany and he said, “After watching ‘Code Name: Jackal’, I was once again shocked by Jaejoong hyung’s acting.”

Kim Jaejoong recently acted with actress Song Ji Hyo in the movie ‘Code Name: Jackal’ and Kim Junsu went to gave his support for his member at the movie premiere. Kim Junsu expressed, “In the beginning when members wanted to act, I find it kind of difficult since it was not something that can be easily conquered just with interest.”, “But after they officially acted, I am so surprised that their acting were so great.”

Up until now, I have seen many idols challenged on acting and the public were not optimistic about it. Thus I was worried. But our members’ performances were satisfactory. Really grateful for that. Furthermore the filming timing and atmosphere were different between movie and drama. I have watched ‘Code Name: Jackal’ and Jaejoong hyung’s acting is really so good that I was astonished. I know that comedic acting is the most difficult to portray but he did that so well.”

Kim Junsu continued saying, “To us, as there wasn’t much power of choice, thus the situation always hover around choosing one within two to three choices and thus we have to do our very best.”, “To all the members, the pressure to see good results is huge.”

He frankly said, “Every one of us has our own forte, and that is more than enough to me. To be a member of JYJ also makes me proud.”, “Though saying this might be a bit bias, but I think within the idols who are challenging dramas, Jaejoong hyung and Yoochun are the extraordinary ones. It seems that I have no hidden weapons anymore thus to meet such members, it’s really lucky.

Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun would usually give their compliments for Kim Junsu in a jokingly exaggerated way. “However, I am still thankful.” Kim Junsu said, “Be it Yoochun or Jaejoong hyung, as they listened to my album rather than JYJ’s. This made us trust and depend on each other once again. I am really thankful.”

Additionally, Kim Junsu also revealed his passion for musical. Especially for the musical ‘Elisabeth’, which was done before his solo album, it was a solo activity that made Kim Junsu took it out with courage. “When I was acting out in the musical, I was very careful with everything, as though I was walking on a tight rope.”, “I ever thought that if I am unable to do well in this genre, it will not only be a bad influence to myself but also to the members. Thus I rolled up my sleeves and did it.”

“After the lawsuit (with SM Entertainment), we are unable to go to award shows but musical award shows will invite me every year, allowing me a chance to sing on stage. Though my original occupation is a singer but the award that I was unable to receive in the singing industry, I was able to receive it in musical. At the 18th Korean Musical Award, I also received the the male lead award. It seems that I have received this award rather fast. I will have to work with my mightiest ability to present and with good acting to repay everyone.”

(I just ended up bolding the whole thing lol. Sorry <3)

source: ohmynews | credit: Disp-TVXQ_JYJ | trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun | Via Sharingyoochun

Jaejoong/JYJ for Tony Moly Holiday Promo

Credit: eyemoon.tistory.com + tonymoly.com | Shared by: PrinceJJ (More at the source)

There should be a Yoochun post soon but after that it won't be daily posts anymore. Gotta get back to work! T_T
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