taecmyheart 8th-Dec-2012 10:18 pm (UTC)
goddddd i wailed like a baby watching shut up boy band. i still sob for hyunsoo. HYUNSOOOOOOOO T___T i'm pretty sure most of my love for L stems from hyunsoo lol. tvN really killed it this year. shut up, reply 1997, and queen inhyun's man. and there's gonna be another flower boy series out soon, so i'm crossing my fingers.

as for non-cable dramas, i never finished faith or arang. the plot moved too slowly so i got bored :\ nice guy was alright, but there was so much filler in the middle that when they finally got to the end, it seemed so rushed. i loooved GAKSITAAAAAAAAAAAAAL. ;~; i loved and hated the ending bc i didn't want kangto to cry anymore but it was so fitting at the same time AGGGHH. dream high 2 and big were FAT DISAPPOINTMENTS. i want to erase them from my memory (except gong yoo)

right now i have high hopes for school 2013 bc 1) KIM WOOBIN!!!!! and 2) it gives me shut up boy band feels, but in a lesser degree
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