On December 13, Zinger tweeted, “After finally coming to my senses, I started reading some of the articles and replies. There are so many comments that a bit too much. I hope that you can rethink the situation and wonder if you would say the same comments if your family or loved ones were in the same position. In a time when my body is in pain, my heart is starting to hurt too.”

SECRET was involved in a serious accident on December 11 when their car slipped on icy roads. Zinger fractured her rib and all promotional activities were canceled for Secret. Despite the seriousness of the situation, it seems that some netizens found this a good opportunity to spread spite and negativity by leaving hurtful comments, ranging from "How come it′s only Zinger, who′s unpopular, who got hurt?" to "It′s a good thing it wasn′t Hyosung".

After hearing about what has happened, netizens cheered on the singer saying, “What were those people thinking?” “Don’t even worry about people you’ll probably never meet.” and “Zinger, cheer up and get better soon!”

source: enewsworld

wow netizens, stay classy

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