Though a member of one of K-Pop’s hottest girl groups right now, SISTAR’s Bora says her eyes have been, and still are, on Song Joong Ki and Song Joong Ki only.

Bora recently appeared for a recording of jTBC’s Lee Su Geun and Kim Byung Man’s High Society as a guest with Soyou, Song Eun I and Kim Sook where the female guests talked about which male celebrity they would like to film a kiss scene in a music video.

Bora opened up by first discussing how jealous she was of fellow SISTAR member Dasom for having recently had the chance to film a kiss scene with actor Ahn Jae Hyun for K.Will’s Please Don’t music video.

Bora then gushed over her crush Song Joong Ki saying, “After debuting and even till now, my ideal type has been Song Joong Ki”, and went on to select the actor as the male star she most wanted to film a kiss scene with.

When Kim Sook chimed in that she wanted to film a kiss scene with Song Joong Ki as well, Bora loudly protested causing the rest of the guests to erupt into laughter.

The episode airs on December 15 on jTBC

Photo Credit: jTBC

source: enewsworld

Take a number, Bora.
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