‘School 2013′ gains praise for its realistic portrayal of school problems

‘School 2013‘ is gaining high praises and interest from viewers for its realistic portrayal of school problems.

Starting from its beginning episode, the drama tackled school violence, bullying of both students and teachers and alike, and corrupt teachers. Many praised the drama’s realistic handling of the various problems in school, including the decreasing authority of teachers, a dreamless class, and rebellious teens

Lines such as a student telling a short-term teacher, “You’re being too nosy even though you’re not even a real teacher“, the female teacher begging, “Someone please stop him” as her arm is grabbed by a problematic student, or a teacher being told, “Didn’t that video of you slapping the student get recorded?“, got right down to pointing out some of the issues making the news.

The tagline for the drama itself is “It was hidden by students and unknown by the adults‘, expressing the drama’s goal to reveal some of the issues and problems that have been going by unnoticed by the public. The drama was made even more realistic as it is said to be based on stories collected from real students.

Many viewers who watched the drama commented, “This may seem like a drama, but this actually happens“, and “It made me uncomfortable watching… does this actually happen in school?“

The director of the drama, PD Lee Min Hong, commented, “We are going to handle ‘School 2013′ from many point of views such as those of students, teachers, the school in general, and the parents. We are going to make a brave drama that will leave a message for society.“

‘School 2013′s Daniel Choi and Lee Jong Suk’s small age gap draws attention

Daniel Choi and Lee Jong Suk‘s age have become an amusing topic of discussion.

Daniel Choi was born in 1986, and Lee Jong Suk was born in 1989, making them only 3 years apart, but in ‘School 2013‘, Daniel Choi plays the teacher while Lee Jong Suk plays the student. Lee Jong Suk revealed through a press conference, “The ages of actors that play the students range from 14 to 27. One of the students is the same age as Daniel Choi hyung.”

Daniel Choi smiled sheepishly and said, “We’re around the same age, but he’s a student and I’m a teacher. It may be the difference in the things we eat, or maybe it’s because of bias. Even in the sitcom ‘High Kick‘, someone who was my age played my nephew. The reason why I keep playing the teacher and the uncle is because of environmental reasons“, causing everyone to laugh as he tried to provide a reason as to why he is always cast to portray the older character.

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After 'The Innocent Man', this is my new kdrama addiction *____* The feels that I have for this drama...!

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