Questions of fairness have been raised for the ‘2012 Melon Music Awards‘.

The award that raised the biggest question was the ‘Netizen Popularity Award‘. According to netizen votes, JYJ‘s Junsu ranked #1 with 185,519 votes for his ‘Nice Guy‘ OST, ”Love Is Like Snow“. However, the award went instead to B2ST with “Midnight“, who only received 147,310 votes.

Unlike the other awards in which netizen votes only count for 30% of the final result with 70% coming from music charts, netizen votes count double (60%) for the ‘Netizen Popularity Award’, so many fans are questioning the outcome. An industry representative who requested anonymity said, “It looks like it’s a similar situation to how Junsu’s group JYJ used to receive limitations by his previous label“.

The question has gotten even worse because the hosts of the awards had said, “The core of this award is fairness, popularity, and professionalism. It will be a fair award because it will be decided by the music chart rank and netizen votes.

source: E2 News via allkpop

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