On December 16, Key had his first two shows for the second showing of the "Catch Me If You Can" musical. He plays the lead of Frank, a mischievous con artist, pretending to be a doctor, lawyer, and even an airline pilot in order to make millions of dollars.

Several fansites sent Key their support through flower wreaths and rice wreaths for his first day back as Frankey. While wreaths are usually sent on the opening night, it was discovered that Jonghyun sent Key a flower wreath on the 18th instead.

Jonghyun showed his support and humor through a a small message on the ribbon. The left side of the ribbon reads, "Sorry~! I'm two days late! Jonghyun" and the right reads, "You will want to go to the restroom in the middle of your show."

Source: SFI, Key Sweet Spring, shinee oppars, realminekey 

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