f(x) is presenting a surprise performance to fans as a Christmas gift.

f(x) is appearing on MNET's M Countdown which will air on the 20th. On this day f(x) is scheduled to perform the song "1,2,3," which was included on SMTOWN's winter album, and their hit song "Electric Shock."

In regards to this, a representative of M Countdown explained "We prepared f(x)'s special performance to greet Christmas," and "In particular, "Electric Shock" achieved the triple crown on M Countdown, so this is even more meaningful."

The members of f(x), who have recently been focusing on solo activities such as drama filming, are appearing on a music program after a long period of time and garnering anticipation because they are planning to show an impressive performance.

Meanwhile Nell, Lee Hi, Noh Jihoon, and more are appearing on n this day's broadcast of M Countdown in addition to f(x).

Source: JoyNews24 via Naver
Translation: 4rang
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