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The Romantic & Idol - Episode 6 - Subbed

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girlsday 19th-Dec-2012 08:54 am (UTC)
god... these subs are so LQ. i hope someone better re-dos this show.
markthatcoin 19th-Dec-2012 02:21 pm (UTC)
I have yet to see it anywhere else :/
sergel02 19th-Dec-2012 09:10 am (UTC)
I think the lyrics of this song kinda describe what SeungA was feeling that day, especially the chorus at 0:50

It's like the perfect friend-zoned song. Glad they had that talk and at least cleared the air.

Mir is getting funnier which I like. Before he mostly annoyed me.
Hyejeong and Minjun are too cute. He really does go crazy over tiny things.
And I couldn't stop laughing at Jihyun during that song selection haha XD

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nha2licious 19th-Dec-2012 09:47 am (UTC)
Oh hey....Kuri in Omona. Never ever expected this to come, sending muchos sarang to you btw~
falling_empress 19th-Dec-2012 09:52 am (UTC)
UGGGGH does anyone know where I can find Ep 4 part 5/5? It's driving me nuts! I can't move on until I see that part :@
pivotandsway 19th-Dec-2012 10:05 am (UTC)
I'm so glad Seungah will have a chance to go on a date w/ someone else next episode although I don't rly see her coming between the ~fated couple~ plot. & I'm glad the JB shit is over. He didn't come off as badly as before but I still don't really like him anymore at this point. I'm kind of annoyed she didn't take the chance to have a moonlight date w/ Jun.K since she hadn't been paired with him before but I could see them piggybacking being awkward since they haven't really interacted that much idk. He's so cute w/ Hyejeong and the yellow thing was funny. He's such a weird old man. Jihyun/Hyungsik is so boring to me but it was cute how she chose ZE:A's song. Maybe people will stop saying she doesn't like him instead of ignoring the possibility that maybe she shows affection differently. I wish this show weren't dragged out for so long.
21banged 19th-Dec-2012 01:09 pm (UTC)
mte on Seungah not choosing Jun.K. I think they would have really clicked given the chance, and it would have been a kick in the balls for JB, who at this point in time, sure as hell deserves it.

And yes, Jun.K is hilarious with his weirdo obsessions
taecmyheart 19th-Dec-2012 10:51 am (UTC)
this show would be so much better if it was less than 8 episodes bc i could totally tell they're struggling to fill in the time that they just end up repeating everything again. it's SO annoying.

but other than that i'm glad that jun.k ended with hyejung again bc she's adorable, but then she chose mir in the middle so i question her taste a little. jun.k's obsessions with the change, jei's jump, and yellow was so funny lmao. mir is actually normal when he's with jei, so i wouldn't be surprised if she picked him. i think jihyun and hyunsik are pretty boring bc they don't really talk about anything else besides "omg we're so fated blahblahblah i can't believe this blah".

jb... s i g h. he's really senseless/눈치없이. seungah is pretty cool about it but it totally sucks to be in her situation. if it were me i wouldn't have the patience.
hushmydarling 19th-Dec-2012 06:15 pm (UTC)
i think hyejung was picking mir at first because he made her more comfortable - less skinship and stuff, whereas the stuff jun.k does freaks her out, lol
karatefeelings 19th-Dec-2012 11:03 am (UTC)
Agreeing with the majority that this show may have been a tad bit too long at 8 episodes. Because now we're all picking the show and its casts apart. Plus I feel like they repeat scenes instead of showing new footage of the casts' interactions beyond what goes on during their dates although I guess that would mean cameras following the folks 24/7.

I like Jun.K, he's pretty cool and I'm keen on knowing which girl gets chosen by him. He seems like the kinda guy that would make any date he's on, enjoyable. I love it when he gave JB a warning when he was being rude to Hyejeong. I'm not liking JB anymore than before but I guess he redeemed himself slightly for being upfront about it although no excuses for being such a dick (at least Mir's sometimes inappropriate comments and actions kinda lighten up the atmosphere).
markthatcoin 19th-Dec-2012 02:52 pm (UTC)
I agree with that whole second paragraph. JB needed someone to call him out on his bs. I really respected Jun.K for doing that.
twinkystar16 19th-Dec-2012 11:57 am (UTC)
jun.k and hyejeong are adorable together,i love how they're just so comfortable and natural with each other
it's funny how jun.k was so obsessed with their matching yellow outfits and kept bragging about it to everyone

jei still likes jun.k but i think he already moved on from her
she's better off with mir

jihyun was so obvious with her song selection, just don't go breaking hyungsik's heart
falling_empress 19th-Dec-2012 12:49 pm (UTC)
omg i feel so bad for seungah :( this show is horrible...it's like they set her up on purpose...they should've known it would end up like this because she's older. JB is a douche.
jaydk 19th-Dec-2012 06:58 pm (UTC)
Seungah's had terrible luck, essentially getting stuck with the two most inconsiderate guys. Really, Jun.K seems the only guy who gets that the idea is to meet people and have fun no matter who you're with, whether it's your first choice or not. Maybe because he's older?
21banged 19th-Dec-2012 01:13 pm (UTC)
Agree with everyone else on omona that this show should NOT have been extended to 8 episodes, half of the ep is wasted on recapping because they have so little footage. I wouldn't have minded extended it to 5 or 6 eps, but 8 was a stretch for them. Hope Season 2 doesn't suffer the same fate.

The other thing I feel obligated to comment on (considering I have pretty much become a Seungah spokesperson now) is that I hope that she rejects them all in the end. None of them really took notice of her, and JB was a total douche, though I'm glad that he ~tried to clear the air with Seungah. But it doesn't take a genius to see that she is clearly feeling isolated and upset, which the rest of the cast seem to ignore and overlook. God knows how many tears she's holding back just so everyone else can keep smiling.
markthatcoin 19th-Dec-2012 02:57 pm (UTC)
"None of them really took notice of her" she said herself (I think) that she didn't get to know the other guys at a because of the date matches :/ it has only been three days and you're only going to get to know someone one-on-one in that time :/
aworldoflies 19th-Dec-2012 01:38 pm (UTC)
JB really makes me want to.... uurrghhh!!!!

And I'm still shipping hyungshik-Jihyun.
markthatcoin 19th-Dec-2012 02:45 pm (UTC)
aww Jihyun and Hyungshik... I was ambivalent on that couple until now. Now I love them lolol. I was getting so nervous during her song and I loled so hard at Mir shouting at Hyungshik!

I LOVE the list of things
Jun.k gets obsessed with. I laughed when we got new footage of his obsession with the jump, and when he got mad about the Polaroid camera. He and Hyejeong are very cute together.

JB's wrist grab on Seungah?! So dramatic, what was that all about? I'm glad they sort of cleared the air. Poor Seungah.

lmao @ Mir freaking out over how cool JB looked with his wrist grab. I've always liked him but Mir is at his best with Jei.
the_erotomanic 19th-Dec-2012 04:31 pm (UTC)
i don't get the jb hate. maybe it's because i'm a guy, too? i didn't really think he did anything wrong. he was honest with how he was feeling. and he was setting seungah's expectations. he doesn't have to be paired up with seungah if he doesn't feel a connection with her (despite choosing her song). he's been steadfast with his decision to be with jei. and honestly, he could've chosen to go to the room with jei (and he wanted to), but he chose instead to talk to seungah and clear things up.

i understand that seungah feels bad, cause who wouldn't be if no one is choosing you? but it's hardly jb's fault. it's what dating is about. you like one person, but the other person doesn't like you back. it sucks, but that's the way things are. you just have to find the person who will like you the same way you like that person.
johnnyquest89 19th-Dec-2012 04:51 pm (UTC)
Doesn't fit the try to woo everyone you go on a date with on tv mentality. he should learn from junsu. Mackin to everyone in front of everyone and still gettin positive reviews. Well not seungah but there's 2 eps left so we got time.

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hushmydarling 19th-Dec-2012 06:18 pm (UTC)
the preview that shows hyungsik and seungah looks hopeful, i hope he has at least some sense to give her a good time to make up for all her shitty dates with jb. ofc he and jihyun will end up together, but it doesn't mean seungah and him can't have some fun~
modestgoddess79 19th-Dec-2012 11:43 pm (UTC)
I didn't expect this show to be so good. I was yelling at the screen.
Hyungshik's skin ship
Jun. K's obsessions
JB broken hearted over the shocking JEI/MIR OTP
my sweet perfect Seungha with no one to love
markthatcoin 19th-Dec-2012 11:58 pm (UTC)
i always react vocally, and i often end up looking around to see if anyone shares my happiness/shock/rage (i live alone)
theyberlab 20th-Dec-2012 12:46 am (UTC)
I think I'm mostly just mad at JB for ruining my otp..
purekpopology 20th-Dec-2012 03:36 am (UTC)
I feel so bad for Seungah... I don't blame JB for the way he feels, I just wish he'd been able to be mature. I also hate the way instead of letting him know he's being rude, she just defends him. Seungah seems like a great person, it's shame she didn't get to really enjoy her dates.

JunK and Hyejung are ADORABLE. The couple outfits thing killed me cause it just made them look more cute. I was disappointed when Seungah chose JB instead of JunK, but at least that meant more JunK/Hyejung time! I really hope JunK chooses her for the truth room so we can see some cutie confessions!!

Jihyun and Hyungsik are cute. I really think a lot of people are misinterpreting Jihyun's reactions. As someone who has a REALLY hard time showing when I like someone, I can relate to how she's acting. It's not that she doesn't like him, she just doesn't know how to show it/gets embarrassed so she acts aloof.

Jei and Mir came out of no where, but I think he really likes her. There's a definite change his personality when he was with Jei. A little less obnoxious-crazy, and a little more nice guy with a sense of humor.

This show is definitely changing MY opinion of all the guys! Some for better, some for worse.

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asukataika 20th-Dec-2012 05:40 am (UTC)
Ditto your thoughts on Ji Hyun. She's just more level-headed and reserved and sometimes that comes across as being too cold and standoffish. It's really apparent that she has now warmed up a lot to Hyung Sik and has good feelings him. Remember how she explicitly stated that she was averse to dating younger boys in the very beginning when the production staff asked her about that? Well, apparently Hyung Sik has broken down that barrier. Ji Hyun and Hyung Sik may seem bland and rather boring to some people, but I appreciate their shy, simple, subtle conversations and interactions. A lot of the time, it's the small gestures and words unspoken that are most significant.
evivante 20th-Dec-2012 06:09 am (UTC)
I love how Jihyun keeps saying that he and Hyunsik should try other people and she's the one who comes off as uninterested but at the end of the day still chooses to be with him anyway. Such a different take on handling her feelings, because this is a show after all, but in the end she still knows who/what she wants.
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