3:36 pm - 12/19/2012

Lee Hyori Knits Some Hats for Some Old People


Lee Hyori made a surprise visit to the area undergoing major redevelopment, where she spent time exchanging warmth with the elderly.

According to the Beautiful Organization blog, Lee Hyori along with photographer Kim Tae Eun and make-up artists visited 15 elderly people to spend time with them. The singer originally planned to deliver coal briquettes for the winter season. Due to circumstances, the event was canceled, but she brought her friends along to participate in this beneficial volunteer work instead.

A representative of the Beautiful Organization said, “The photos were touching and practical as not many elderly residents can afford to get professional pictures taken.”

In addition, Lee Hyori treated 15 senior residents to beanies she knitted herself.

Last year in November, Lee Hyori had donated rice, ramen, and briquettes to help the elderlies who live alone in the Ahyun-dong poor hillside village.


Source: etoday via dkpopnews 

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Good for her! I love seeing celebrities do things like this. :)
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Omg look at those cute cables on the hats !
Perfect knitting unnie ♥

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