About a month ago a lovely professional photographer offered to get some exclusive Big Bang @ Wembley Arena shots for all of us! Pretty cool, right? OmonaTheyDidn't! also applied for a press pass so we could ask questions and stuff, but no one ever got back to us *tear* However, it was not a big deal because this photographer was working with The Line of Best Fit and they had no problem with her giving us some extra shots. Sadly the photo policy was very strict and because of a mistake she was only able to shoot for one song, from the back of the venue, behind the fans. She was lucky to get 10 good shots for that website & an extra for us.

& now for OMONA'S 1ST EXCLUSIVE SHOT! Who could it be....

DAESUNG!! aka D-Lite + a micro bonus of Taeyang lurking in the background...

I'm sure he's very honored to be our first & I know we'll all cherish this frozen moment in time for eternity <3
Please keep anticipating his upcoming JAPANESE SOLO ALBUM!!

- TOP did two hours of dad dancing
- Daesung was the crowd favourite. He seemed really nice and smiley and interacted with the fans a lot.
- There were a -lot- of East London hipsters there.
- "I cried a bit out of secondhand embarrassment when Taeyang ripped his shirt off and wouldn't put it back on." - Quote from the photographer
- GD stayed in London a bit longer, did LOADS of shopping and trolled all the fans trying to stalk him by constantly Instagramming his whereabouts. He seemed super knowledgeable about where all the cool shops were. Photographer-unnie was quite impressed.

Check out the rest of the shots @thelineofbestfit.com
You might have already seen them because within an hour of them being uploaded people were taking them & putting their own watermarks on them. R00d!

Did anyone from Omona attend? Share your experience! :D
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