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the_erotomanic 24th-Dec-2012 09:15 am (UTC)
aww, i nominated luhan and chen for what is love, but only chen got nominated. my luhan biased heart is broken. T_T

but chen is a wonderful singer and i hope he wins or at least gets a lot of votes. ^_^

i skipped everything that involved acting. don't really care for those categories.

voted for exo all the way. okay not really, since i don't think they're the biggest disappointment. and i chose gain's bloom as the best mv.

exo for best debut, because of exo-m. hehe! and i love their mini.

taeyang is annoying which does not really translate to overrated, but i still voted for him as the most overrated.

biggest racist is bill o'reilly whether or not psy and gangnam style became big in the u.s.

i had a hard time choosing the best post and ended up using my favorite method for choosing in a multiple choice question. i sang eeny meeny miny mo. lol!

i'm glad boa and gain are battling it out for best female. i voted for boa, just because i like the shadow, too. so that's two songs from her that i like against gain's one. but really, i could go with either one. ^_^

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