karatefeelings 25th-Dec-2012 03:44 am (UTC)
#3: The young star has grown to becoming the lead roles after the successes of several dramas.
I immediately thought of Joo Won from this line but the boy is such a sweetheart I can't imagine him being arrogant. Probably Seo In Guk? Kim Soo Hyun?

#4: Popular idol group, this could be anyone's guess tbh but I kinda hope and hope not at the same time that it would be Miss A just by their lack of importance within the company and would love it for them to voice their issues with their management.

#6: If it's G.Na, isn't she scheduled to appear in The Romantic and Idol S2? I would think you would have to be single if you were even thinking of auditioning for that. But who else could it be eh.

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