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Psy was featured on an H&M T-shirt.

The shirt was discovered by singer Yoon Gun, who posted the photo of the shirt on his Twitter. He wrote, “I was jogging, but as a sparrow can’t skip a mill, I visited H&M..  Gasp! Psy, it’s good to see you kekeke“. He held up a T-shirt that had Psy dancing the horse dance on it along with the caption ‘Oppan Gangnam Style‘.

He had found the shirt not in a Korean H&M location, but rather a store in a British H&M store as he is currently in London. Fans commented, “Wow, does Psy have a deal with H&M now?” and “Psy is on H&M and also on McDonald’s packages“.

source: allkpop + @theyoongun

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