EXO-M just had an online chat with their fans, so I thought I'd share the cute and funny replies here. I hope you don't mind. :D

Kris I’m sad, what do I do?? Unhappy on Christmas eve….. you won’t even reply me.


45) LUHAN!!!! Reply me! You’re seeing this right if you see it make a ‘zhi’ sound!!!


49) Zhang Yixing you make a zhi sound too!!!

-Zhi~~ ZHI ZHI

58) Kris will you please make a zhi sound too


60) Geez, even Luhan worked up the courage to reply KRIS CAN’T YOU REPLY!?


65) Kris will you make a zhi sound too I’m going crazy you’re so mean aahhhhhh screams



3) It’s Christmas Eve today, is there anything you want to do with the other members?

-We’re waiting for Santa Claus~ we’re going to wait for Santa to give us our presents

7) Whose Chinese is better, Chen or Xiumin?

-It’s definitely…Chen~~ - BY XIUMIN

21) Tao, other than walking (running) by the sea, do you also like looking at snow?

-I like looking at snow. Do you want to go with me?

23) I want to know which one of you is the craziest.

-Crazy frog and Kungfu panda~

25) Chen, there’s someone in our class who looks a lot like you when he smiles. We all call him Chen haha.

-Really? Then I guess he must be ~very~ good looking - BY CHEN

27) Lu-ge! Is your jaw still attached! (referring to the way he laughs)

-Ayooo it’s still there~! Haha

28) Tao look here! Pick one, walking by the sea or shopping!


29) Who’s typing? It’s pretty fast, definitely not Wu yi fan~

-It’s really not Wu yi fan - BY KRIS



35) Tao, hot girl and money, which do you like more?

-I want it all~!

40) Kris, look here look here! Carry my books for me

-Give your books here~!

41) Kris, would it kill you to reply me??? Would it???

- :)

43) How many inches is panda Tao’s waist?

-My body is so nice you won’t even be able to imagine

47) Kris oppa, I bet you won’t reply me, I’ll bet you an entire box of Ace

-You lost~! Haha

51) XIUMIN OPPA REPLY ME!! If you reply your face will slim down!! Believe me!!!


52) Kim Jongdae! Chen?? Did you disappear? Went missing? Did you guys call the police?

-I will always live on in your heart~!

56) Tao, I’m monk Tang, do you like me? I’m talking about you, peacock princess~

-I don’t like people with no hair hahahaha [joking

57) Luhan, do you dare to reply me!


62) Tao Tao!!! Hurry and reply me!! I love you the most! I bet you a box of leopard print that you won’t reply me, do you want to try! Wish me good luck on my exams

-Compared to pandas, I like leopard print more hahaha

63) Zhang Yixing, Luhan, Xiumin, I’m about to take my exams, wish me luck, I’ve been sitting here for so long!

-Good luck - BY XIUMIN

64) Baozi, Baozi, I’m angry, I sent 4-5 questions and you didn’t reply to any.

-Don’t be angry ^^

66) Kim Jongdae I’m going crazy…reply me

-You really are a pretty girl

73) Huang Zitao!! I’m talking to you, you panda pretending to be a human!!!!

-I’m not a panda pretending to be a human, don’t talk about me like that hahaha

You can read all the replies here

Sources: translation of the chat (oh-luhans); picture (fyeahexo); original source for picture and chat (jsbcjstv)

I hope everything is in order. :)

Thanks to design_ok for sharing this first at exochocolate
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