BOYFRIEND sells outs out all 12,500 seats for their Japanese solo concert


Boyfriend sold out all 5 shows for their live “Love Communication 2012 ~XMAS BELL~” Japanese concert.

Boyfriend held 5 concerts at the Tokyo Dome City Hall from December 22nd to 24th. Each of the 5 showings for the concert sold out completely, totaling to 12,500 fans in all.

Their label Starship Entertainment said, “They sold out all 5 of their Christmas Live Concert shows, and every seat was sold out within 10 minutes“. Even though the group debuted in Japan less than a year ago, they boast of incredible popularity in Japan.

Japanese music experts stated, “Boyfriend’s Japanese activities are very noticeable among the sea of K-Pop idols. It’s not easy to sell out a venue like the Tokyo Dome City Hall 5 times for a group that just debuted.”

Boyfriend expressed, “We spent a joyous time with our fans for our first solo concert. We’re always thankful for the love we receive, and we will be a Boyfriend who continues to work hard and striving to be the best.”




Twitter updates~


[BF Donghyun] Merry Christmas~ !We've performed in Japan today~Really best~! Next year we all were together for Christmas~♡ Korean fans that comes here from farㅠ Thank you very much Merry Christmas~!

[BF동현] 메리크리스마스~!저흰 오늘 일본에서 공연을 했어요~정말 최고~! 내년 크리스마스는 모두 함께해요~♡ 멀리까지 와주신 한국팬분들도ㅠ 정말감사드려요 메리크리스마수~!


[BF Jeongmin] Christmas concert in Japan is ended a while ago~♡♥♡ Together with me next year in Korea♥♥I promise!!!! Merry Christmas~~~~~~♥♥♥

[BF정민] 조금전에 일본에서 크리스마스 콘서트가 끝났어요~♡♥♡ 내년엔 한국에서 함께해요♥♥내가 약속할게!!!! 메리크리스마스~~~~~~♥♥♥


[B.F Minwoo] All Bestfriend~ Today is Christmas Eve!! Everyone having a good time, right?It would be nice if spent Christmas together ㅠㅠㅠㅠ However!!!Have a happy Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone♥♡

[B.F민우] 베프 여러부운~ 오늘은 크리스마스이브네요!! 다들 즐거운시간보내고 계시죠??모두 다같이 크리스마스를 보냈으면 좋을텐데 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 그래두!!!모두 행복한 크리스마스되세요! 모두들 메리크리스마스♥♡

[Donghyun] Today was really the best performances! All the fans is the best!! I really worked hard, did you have fun? It is became a good Christmas memories, I'm glad~ Merry Christmas everyone^^

[동현] 오늘 정말 최고의 공연이었어요! 팬여러분들이 역시나 최고였습니다!! 정말 열심히 최선을 다했는데 재밌으셨나요? 크리스마스의 좋은추억이 됬으면 좋겠어요~ 여러분 메리크리스마스^^

Source: allkpop, tweets from @G_Boyfriend and @officialBFjp, translated by @G_Girlfriend.

Happy holidays for all Omonians!!
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