9:04 pm - 12/24/2012

Princess Jiyoung's tight outfit from 'God of Victory' met with mixed reviews

Jiyoung‘s outfit from a past airing of ‘God of Victory‘ has been gaining attention.

The photo was brought to attention when it was recently uploaded an online community board under the title 'Jiyoung is an adult now'. The photo showed her full figure while stepping down from the ‘God of Victory’ stage back in September. She wore a tight pale gold outfit that didn’t leave much up to imagination.

Upon seeing the photo, netizens commented, "She has the best body", "She’s so pretty", and "I’m looking forward to her". However, others commented, "She’s underage. Does her company really want to dress her like this?", "This is more lingerie than actual clothes", and otherwise showed expressed their discomfort seeing an underage celebrity in such tight clothing.

What do you think?

annhh 25th-Dec-2012 12:54 pm (UTC)
from sports point of view I fail to see the fuss over ~tightness~

it's kind of fugly without the jacket. and it actually might not be her choice to wear it, but as a team I think she's okay with it (think cheerleaders, figure skaters). idols all have too tight and too revealing stuff from time to time, at least this isn't pervy
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