Actor Lee Kwang Soo recently shared his New Year’s wish with the viewers.

Lee Kwang Soo made a guest appearance of SBS’s “Good Morning” to promote his animation “Maritime Police Marco,” along with co-star Song Ji Hyo. Both actors provided their voices to dub an animated character in the film.

When asked what newspaper he would like to make the front page of in 2013, Lee Kwang Soo replied, “As long as the headlines aren’t negative, I’m happy.” Song Ji Hyo piped up, “Kwang Soo has to find love next year, doesn’t he?” to which Kwang Soo responded, “If an opportunity to meet the right person comes along…” and never ended up finishing his sentence out of embarrassment.

Co-stars Song Ji Hyo and Lee Kwang Soo will be actively promoting the film as guests on SBS’s “Running Man.“

source: soompi

Aw Gwang Soo seems like such a sweet guy. I really hope he finds someone <3. If he's as nice as he seems, would date him tbh!
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