aleexnews 26th-Dec-2012 08:01 am (UTC)
OP just cracks me up and idk how anyone takes her seriously. I think race/racism discussions relating to k-pop are nice to have but not when they are being done as a sort of bait for fandoms bc then it just gets ugly but whatever ohnotheydidnt didn't want this troll over there so I guess mods here finally let her get thru with her "reporting", can't complain cause I enjoy a good laugh though, not at the racism ofc but at the way this is delivered.

also the venue wasn't empty lol the upper parts were and the attendance was clearly lower on the first day than on the second day but to say it was empty was a stretch. oh and idk if u were sleeping or something but tae did address the sandy issue and I can't even remember his exact words but I know a member definitely brought it up. ur really reaching with the ones from BB tbh like the cartoon has he said that it's supposed to be a black version of himself or that he drew it himself? honestly asking cause I look at it and i dont even think of tae but again this is coming from u so not surprised and i find it hard to believe that last story tbh.
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