jumpjiveflail 26th-Dec-2012 08:39 am (UTC)
That talk show clip with EXID is just disgusting. The English-speaking hosts just sat and giggled and make excuses since "Koreans don't use the word the same way" and "only in very close relationships" like that gives them a free pass to just use it and the international fans should not be offended.

Seriously, it was awkward enough for one of the hosts to jump up bow and apologize (albeit while giggling), couldn't they have just scrapped that part of the show in editing to avoid the whole thing entirely and explain to the group why it was wrong that why they couldn't air it?

And so not impressed with douche host in the white who just simply sat there cackling about it and eventually just started making excuses.

I can't deal with the rest of the ridiculousness in the post right now, it's late.
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