Idol couple Goo Hara and Yong Jun Hyung now have a feline friend joining in on their relationship.

The SNS of a pet shop in Korea revealed Goo Hara had gifted her boyfriend with one of the store’s pets as they wrote, “The Scottish Fold Kara Goo Hara reserved for B2ST Yong Jung Hyung’s birthday. I went through so much trouble to get you guys. The best quality for real. Ms. Hara, I’ll see you later.”

A series of pictures were included in the shot including the pet shop’s pictures of the Scottish Fold kittens, an autographed picture that Goo Hara had left for the store and a picture Goo Hara had taken with her new kitten friend for Yong Jun Hyung.

According to other netizens, the pet shop was located near Yong Jun Hyung’s Cube Entertainment, allowing the singer to pick up his gift directly for his December 19 birthday.

source: enewsworld

So cute!! The kitten is adorable, and I really think that's a cute gift for him. Isn't Junhyung a known animal lover? I'm happy their relationship seems to be going strong. I'm sure it's tough for both of them to make it work.
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