Rookie group Pure will hold a concert in the hope that TVXQ and JYJ will reunite once again.

Their label Pure Entertainment revealed that the boys made a goal of performing 100 times at the Seoul Myeondong Pure K-Pop Live Concert Hall. They will be debuting after their relay

Pure consists of members White Soohyuk, Pink Chanhwee, Black Jimin, Blue Jungbin, and Yellow Younghoo. The boys were brought together by the CEO of Pure Entertainment, who was a long-time fan of TVXQ and wants to see them come together.

The boys of Pure were selected through an audition that centered around the looks, songs, and dance of TVXQ. In Japan, Pure has held two showcases so far, both of which sold out completely. Their Korean concert will open 3 times a week, and will be free for TVXQ fans, as well as those in need. A part of the profits from the concerts will be donated to charity.

Pure’s leader White Soohyuk said, “We’re happy that we can meet our fans through our relay concert. We have concerts planned in Sendai and New Jersey, and we will do our best not to stain the name of TVXQ who was already there. We really hope that TVXQ will stand together as 5 once again.

Source: FN Today + allkpop

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