What happened was that on Christmas, Dispatch announced on their Twitter that they will be releasing a 'mega' scandal on January 1st. "Dispatch juniors, we have finally begun the countdown. Let's begin the New Year with a delicious dish of bean sprout soup! D-6, anticipation!" 

Excited netizens began making up all sorts of pairings as to who the scandal could be about, leading Dispatch to respond, "Too much imagination is bad for your health. There's a lot of variety in the responses to Dispatch's January 1st release. What I'm worried about is there being an unfortunate sacrifice becoming embroiled in the mess..."

Soon after, people started naming Sooyoung because of SNSD's comeback, making her the 'unfortunate sacrifice'

Dispatch then tweeted, "What in the world is going on? Why Won Bin? Why Sooyoung? Rumors are just rumors. Confirm the facts with our release." 

Unfortunately, the rumor had already spread to the point where it took over search rankings before finally hitting the media.

There were some that tried to trace the rumor back and eventually found that it originated from the MBC drama gallery on DC Gallery (another popular netizen community), which is basically a forum full of 20 something women stanning male actors and are also anti-SNSD for the most part, so some of you were right on with the scandal possibly being sabotage


what do you guys think could be the 'mega' scandal? i'm hoping for a same-sex idol couple scandal, that is later proven true, so those who say korea has no homosexuals can stuff a stick up their ass
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