The comeback of popular Super Junior sub-unit, SJ-M, looms ever closer. SMEntertainment has shared a little teaser image to keep fans on their toes.

@SMTownGlobal: Super Junior-M will make you #BreakDown @ Jiangsu TV NYE Concert

The image, while being frustratingly small, features (from left to right) Ryeowook, Henry, Kyuhyun, Siwon/Donghae(?), Eunhyuk, Zhou Mi and Sungmin. Someone is missing. No one can clearly see who.
Super Junior M will be appearing on Jiangsu TV December 31st, they are rumoured to be performing a collaboration stage with Jay Chou, and are thought to be premiering their comeback track.

SJ-M will be holding fanmeetings across China; Nanjing 19th Jan, Wuhan 26th Jan, Nanchang 2nd Feb, Chengdu 24th Feb, Beijing 2nd March. 

Sources: SMTownGlobal, SunshineZhouMi (1,2,3), SJMKorea, weELForSuju, ELF_Sejati

ghghfgdfsdfdghgkjlhjgfg FINALLY
Ugh I can see the MV being the same contrived boring bullshit SM likes to produce.
Predicting Super Girl 2.0.
Zhou Mi's hair is not as bright as I feared thank fuck. At least he has no fear of being the worst looking in the group since Eunhyuk is a mess right now.

I may actually cry if they premier the new song on Monday
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