Tablo posted a bunch of links on twitter (including one lucky tumblr user, whose heart and follower-count prob exploded afterward) to vids and clips of the track mixed by Epik High heartthrob DJ Tukutz and performed by k-hip-hop-hotties Epik High, Dynamic Duo, and Simon D.

During last night’s ‘SBS Gayo Daejun‘ many viewers were mesmerized by the unique and charismatic performance of hip hop artists, Dynamic Duo members Choiza and Gaeko, Epik High, and Supreme Team‘s Simon D. Their performance began with the rappers performing their respective verses of “The Cypher 2012” through the streets of Gangnam.

The collaboration group, referred to as the ‘Gangnam Clique’, has now released the full audio for “The Cypher 2012″ much to the delight of fans. The song itself is an indictment of haters.

Stream the track at 4shared (no login required to stream) or tumblr or below via youtube

Download an mp3 at 4shared (login reqd) or hiphopplaya (direct mp3 link)

original caption: AINTNOBODYFUCKINWITMYCLIQUE, via Tablo on twitter

original caption: Unseen end of the year picture #1: Gayo Daejun Cypher behind the scenes while Thra’ was rapping inside a limo

tr: “Hye Jung-ie through garage band, created a hip hop song…(my) rival +1”

Tablo on twitter pic a, pic b (tr via ygfamilyy)
Tablo on twitter 1 2 3 4 (tr via ygfamilyy)
abcdEPIKlmno on tumblr
원영 최 on youtube 1 2 via hiphopplaya
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