10:32 pm - 12/30/2012

SNSD Update Post

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Everyone~~~ Did you have a good Christmas ^ㅡ^?
Sooyoung caught a bad cold,
and even in Hokkaido.. Had to be...
in the hospita.... but........!!!!!
I got recovered from Santa ClauSONEs' presents~!
It was a happy Christmas♥_♥
Thank you so much♥

The drama teaser for I got a boy releaesd today ^ㅡ^
It's not long until January 1st!! ^^ Hehe anticipate it a lot ^3^
The weather's really cold!! Be!careful!not!to!catch!a!cold! ^^~

Sooyoung attended a performance of the musical “Finding Kim Jong Wook” on December 28th to support her older sister, Soojin. The two took a cute photograph together showing their sweet sibling relationship.

On December 26th, Travys Kim tweeted a photo with the “Midnight TV Entertainment” cast commemorating the final episode for the year. His tweet read, “My beloved ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ family, I was really happy that we could work together this year~ hwaiting next year too!! ^^”.

Yoona's Message and Picture on Japanese Fansite

Hello everybody on Sone Japan mobile fansite. This is Yoona!
Everyone how was your christmas?
I spent a fun white christmas together with the members in Sapporo. (* ^_^*)

During the night it started to snow and it was sooo pretty.~
Without much thought we all ran outside...(laughs)
This year is ending soon, so I wish everyone on Sone Japan mobile fansite a happy new year ^^

Yoona uploaded a new UFOtown profile picture on December 30th. She has a different cute pose for the four-framed photograph.

Innisfree’s official Facebook page revealed a new photo of Yoona. The simple photo is still able to show off Yoona’s clear and pretty skin.

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Red Carpet SBS Entertainment Awards - Sooyoung

SBS Entertainment Awards - MC Sooyoung 

SBS Entertainment Awards - MC Yuri

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