Stussy: ‘Good Vibe’ Tank @ $14.99

VAGX Madhatter: Geeks Mesh Cap (Red) @ 39,000

Mishka: Keep Watch Varsity Jacket Camo @ $164

Burberry Prorsum: Spring 2013 RTW Collection

VAGX Madhatter: WMF Snapback Cap Tiger Camo @ 42,000

Joyrich: The Star Burst Varsity Jacket in Black and Red @ $140.95

Note: Sunny’s jacket had the star shaped jewel embellishments coloured gold.

Bratson: Live Fast Die Young 5 Panel Cap White Patch @ ₩39,000

Adidas: ‘Basket Profi OG’ High Top Sneakers @ €53.00

Lazy Oaf: Mixed Fruit Crop T-Shirt @

As seen in: “I Got A Boy” Music Video
soshified styling

a lot of members said they wanted more fashion posts. is this kinda what people had in mind? as the first trial post, i just used a short compiled igab post so this is more hip-hop styled. if this idea is what people what, subsequent posts will be more diverse in style :D please let me know what kind of improvements/suggestions you have!
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