4Minute’s new sub-unit, comprised of members Jiyoon and Gayoon joined forces with hitmakers Shinsadong Tiger, composer Kim Doo Hoon and songwriter Lee Sang Ho for their title track.

Rather than sticking to popular music, Gayoon and Jiyoon took on a new challenge for their debut under a new name, 2Yoon.

Country pop, a genre which hasn’t been tried out before and which will bring a fresh change to a Korean music scene dominated by addictive and generic tunes.

This trio of producers has been behind a number of hit tracks by 4Minute, such as “Hot Issue,” “For Muzik,” “Muzik, “Mirror Mirror,” and more recently “Volume Up” and “Love Tension.”

Yesterday, Cube Entertainment’s CEO stated that the upcoming 4Minute sub-unit would be called “2Yoon.”

A few weeks ago, pictures showing Gayoon and Jiyoon in the midst of a filming session surrounded by a farm set decor surfaced on Naver. Jiyoon then teased fans a bit more by tweeting a picture from that same set.

Meanwhile, 2Yoon are speculated to debut on the second week of January.

SOURCES | Sports Seoul | 4MF
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